This stuff just works, and keeps working

I have been using your CLP for about 20 months on several different firearms.  I have used it on my coyote calling rifle in temperatures down to minus 15, and have used it on AR rifles in temperatures bumping 100.  No issues.

I have used your products during training sessions prior to national level shooting competitions when shooting over 1500 rounds over a couple days.  No issues.

I have two sons that like to shot their 10/22 rifles.  I did say they like to shot, not clean….right???  Both were disassembled and CLP paste applied as directed.  They now have roughly 2500 rounds through them with no significant issues.  One of them has been disassembled and cleaned twice.  The other one gets the major fouling removed from the breech face , bolt, extractor area with a toothpick after each shooting session.  They both just keep working.

AR bolts seem to clean up easier and quicker after using froglube.

I conducted a shooting clinic (small arms firing school) for some soldiers and airmen from the Nebraska National Guard in early April of this year.  Our M9s and ARs were treated with Froglube CLP liquid.  We shot them for five days and nearly 20,000 rounds without incident.  It just works.

This stuff just works, and keeps working.

LTC Todd Stevens

Nebraska State Marksmanship Coordinator

All-Guard Combat Shooting Team – member