Thanks for a Great Product. I’ll be sure to recommend this to all my friends and students.

Growing up with Firearms , we all know that regular cleaning and proper lubrication is important. Shooting handguns dirty or dry (or both) can result in malfunctions and permanent damage. I grew up competing and teaching Martial Arts , Sword and Knife Fighting in Asia most of my life but regularly shot firearms as a kid in Military School. We all grew up pretty much educated with the basic cleaning of a hand gun and rifles with the use of solvents to help remove lead and powder fouling. Lubricants and Solvents were commonly used. However, the overall cleaning process remains the same no matter what model.

I’ve always been taught to clean our guns in a well-ventilated area that’s been prepared for gun cleaning. The chemicals and compounds produced by shooting, as well as the ones used to clean and lubricate, are toxic and should be handled with care. As a Martial Arts and Knife Fighting Instructor, I was introduced to Frog Lube working as a Consultant for the Defense Dept. I never used the product. I noticed that some of my students in the class were using Frog Lube to clean their M4 Assault Rifles. I had to ask what they were using since I didn’t smell the harsh solvent smell that I was a custom to.

I purchased a small 4 oz jar of Froglube CLP Paste at a local Gun shop and also used a sample liquid Jell sent to me from the good people of Froglube to test and evaluate. It’s a 100% biodegradable, non-toxic CLP (cleaner, lubricant, and protectant) that is made from food-grade components. That’s right, “Food Grade”. Its 100% safe for all firearm components and wont degrade rubber, plastic, o-rings, or even polyurethane. This is perfect at my home since I now have Grand children in my house. And seriously, the only thing I can smell from Frog Lube is the Minty Fresh Smell similar to winter green.
The Application process is very easy, and straight forward. All I did was do a simple field strip of the weapon and then lubed it up from there. Basically, you need to heat up the parts. I used a heat gun on the parts that are going to be lubed. I also heated my knives and swords as well. Spread evenly through the parts like butter. I even brushed it onto the plastic parts and handles and spread them evenly like butter.

The bottle of liquid Frog Lube works just like a traditional gun oil and can be squirted into hard to reach places. I also found that the liquid was the best way to send the Frog Lube down the barrel of the rifle and covered every portion of my rifles and hand guns. I gave it some time to let it absorb and wipe off the excess. You really don’t have to use that much but I did. I caked my rifle and hand guns.

At the Range, the magic begins as I see my rifle once again get “Wet” as I begin to shoot. As the gun heats up , the lube goes back into it’s liquid form. No drips or mess. The gun cools back down again the Frog Lube becomes a solid paste once again and absorbs the carbon and grime that came with the shooting session.

The most impressive part of this experience for me is the cleaning process. All I did to clean my rifle and hand gun after each range session was to field strip it, wipe it down with paper towels, and run a bore snake through it one time. Amazing Product and again Smells Minty Fresh. I am completely sold on this as a CLP for all of my firearms. It’s a great lube. Not only do I use it on all my Firearms but I also use it in all my Tactical Knives and Swords. It is non- Toxic and 100% biodegradable and safe to use around my kids and grandchildren. Since then, I got rid of all my Gun Cleaning Chemicals and solvent and I use Frog Lube 100% in all my weapons.

Thanks for a Great Product. I’ll be sure to recommend this to all my friends and students.

Paul Te Prieto
Knife and Kali Instructor & Govt. Contractor

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