I was scared of FTE horror stories

I fell in love with the Kimber Solo. The online reviews of the Solo were very disheartening. Complaints of FTF, FTE, and that the Solo was machined with too tight tolerances. Not able to really function until a large break in period.

Dam the online reviews. Dropped the coin for a NIB. Bought the Frog Lube on the clerks word. 20.00 for a tube of it. Expensive I know but the clerk said trust me.

Followed the online direction and took it to the range the next day.

100 round of 124 grain ball ammo with only 1 FTE at around 83 or so. Limp wrist I knew it right away.

I give Frog Lube all the credit. Frog Lube works. It simply does. Break out the hair dryer, paint brush, and micro cloth. You will never use another product ever.