My personal cold weather test

Greetings all,
Ive read some bad cold weather things about froglube, well i just had to see. this isn’t an “Arctic” environment here in Pennsylvania. So i made my own at the expense of getting the wife mad.
I took my H&K 91 which had already been treated with froglube and fired several hundred rounds through it. so i cleaned it, placed it in a plastic trash bag, left the end unsealed and placed it in my deep freezer, about -15F i left it for a MONTH! I loaded a magazine with my handloads, pulled the H&K from the freezer, there was a little frost on it, and there was a green “Haze” over most of the gun.
I stepped outside on a 40 degree day, chambered a round, aimed down range, and pulled the trigger, the weapon functioned PERFECTLY!! the green haze was gone by the second round after the second round, i just emptied the magazine as fast as i could pull the trigger. I know this might not be a very scientific test, but it sold me!!
Thank you frog lube!!