I love this product for so many reasons!

I just recently purchased the Ruger SR1911.  When I went to pick it up (after mandatory 3 day waiting period), I noticed a small display of FrogLube.  Never even heard of Froglube before this.  I asked the man that sold me my gun if he thought it was a good product.  He said back to me “since we found this product, it is what we use on all of our guns!”  Well, that was good enough for me, so I bought the tube of Froglube products.  Today I applied the Froglube to one of my older Springfield Armory 1911’s.  I cannot believe how good and smooth my action is just after this first application!  You have a customer for life with me!  I love this product for so many reasons!  Thank you for bringing this product to us!  You Rock!

D. Patterson