Love me some Frog Lube

I only recently (this year) got back into shooting. Always before my husband cleaned our guns and I just carried the gun and shot at the range. But this year I started a chapter of The Well Armed Woman and I decided that I needed to be responsible for my own gun. We had lost all our guns in a house fire and I went to find “my own gun” to start with. I fell in love with the Ruger SR9c and it is my go to gun to shoot. It was too large to carry concealed so I went in search of another gun to carry. I went with the Ruger LC9. Then I decided I wanted to become a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor so I wanted a 22 to certify with. I found a Sig 22 Mosquito. And that is really where FrogLube comes in. That little mosquito is very picky with ammo and will not kick the brass out unless it is CCI mini mag. And it has to be cleaned with FrogLube. FrogLube keeps it lubricated so well and the brass comes right out if I use Frog Lube and keep it clean. Gotta have my FrogLube. My FrogLube rep came to my chapter meeting and helped my ladies in the chapter clean their guns… I have converted almost all of them to FrogLube. Plus it smells so good.I wouldn’t clean my guns with anything but FrogLube! My guns get only the best.