Just our knives, my Grandson and me, and we make pretty good company.

My Grandson Logan Heath Gibson may only be turning two year’s old in three months, but this boy has already developed a love for Knives that took me years to acquire. However, I’ve only gotten serious about my collecting in the past year. That’s been a year that has taught me several things, but most importantly I’ve learned that “FrogLube” is Non-Toxic !!!! And with this new little knife lover, for that I’m thankful. Recently, after lubing my ZT-0560 CBCF, Logie, who was secretly watching me, proudly presented his knife, (only plastic), for his turn at being “FrogLubed”… And, since I know and trust FrogLube, I never thought twice. Thanks FrogLube, for bridging generations of knife lovers, beginning at the age of one and continuing through 51 and beyond. Logie and I love your product. 🙂