I’ve seen several “gee whiz” products come and go

Let me start by saying I am a former law enforcement firearms instructor,where I taught combat handgun, patrol rifle and patrol shotgun. I was also a certified armorer. I’ve seen several “gee whiz” products come and go as they pertain to usage in the field under both everyday carry and extreme conditions as well. Until my introduction to FrogLube, I always stuck to military approved CLP’s and lubricants – all with their respective inherent problems and limitations. After using FrogLube for the first time, I was amazed at it’s lubrication properties and how it speeds up the cleaning process after firing. Unlike other CLP’s, the more you apply FrogLube, the slicker it gets and the easier it is to clean the weapon. I still do not understand WHERE all the carbon goes; it just disappears! I am finding I have no more than half of the residual carbon deposits that I used to see with other CLP’s. Plus, I’m no longer required to take the gun down to bare metal with chemical solvents, then build up the lubricants again to keep the gun functioning. FrogLube is truly amazing! I’d recommend it to any agency as a universal CLP for all weapons platforms in the police arsenal. I haven’t found any gun it does not excel on.
I plan to switch all of my personal firearms over to the FrogLube system. It just works!

M.K. Hendricks
Spencer, Indiana