I’ve experimented with uses and applications.

I have a few guns and a lot of blades from pocket knives to great swords. All are functional, no wall hangers. Everyone of them has been treated with FrogLube after sharpening. If you have high carbon blades this a must. I have not used a heat gun. I have two other methods. First, In the summer I’ve found that gun parts or knives work great in a cardboard box in your vehicle trunk with a good coating of FrogLube. The trunk gets very hot and FrogLube soaks in with no effort, no extra electricity, and no added heat to the house or garage. When I do this with larger blades or the shotgun a good coating of plastic wrap over the weapon does the trick. In the cooler parts of the year I use my clothes dryer on rack dry. I cover the rack with microfiber towels and run on low heat. Good for gun parts and pocket knives, smaller machete’s, etc. Try it on your leather wallet and put it under the faucet. Water doesn’t just bead up. It runs right off. I’ve also found after a day of box tape cutting FrogLube removes the tape residue better than soap and water or alcohol. No big need to resharpen once the sticky is all gone. Just rub it on and wipe it with a towel.