I am 100% amazed with the whole experience.

I decreased my P226, stripped down to parts and applied as directed. Applied product. I then waited 1 hour 15 minutes to settle, absorb and cool. I wiped off remaining product and re-assembled weapon. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly smooth the action was. Like ball bearings made of unicorn grease. I used a trigger pull gauge and had a 0.5 lbs reduction (double action) in pull over the usual stuff I use. I went to the range and spent the day putting 750 rounds through my sig. Here is what I noticed. Aside from a brutally long day, I encountered zero malfunctions. The product sweated out of the metal as advertised and gave me continued lubrcity. The weapon cycled the action smoother than before and felt like it was easier to control muzzle flip. I had zero jams, or any other sort of malfunctions. No FTF, FTE, or misfired rounds. After the 750 rounds of the cheapest ammo I could find I went home and used the clp to clean. I didn’t even make it that far. I wiped with a old undershirt and never had to bother with the clp portion. It just wiped clean. I am 100% amazed with the whole experience. I see no reason to change. You have made me a believer, and a loyal customer