Gun care products for real world applications.

I have been using Froglube products exclusively for a little over two years. I was attracted to its clean smell (I can clean my guns indoors without annoying my wife), and it’s properties of resisting moisture, and the harmfull effects from the elements.

I am a patrol officer in a North Texas urban department and my guns are exposed to the elements on a daily basis. However nothing I have experienced has put my firearms and Froglube to the test like the Vehicle CQB class I took in November.

The constant rain of the day turned the range into a mud field.

Most of the firing positions were on the ground. My equipment became covered in mud immediately. While other officers’ guns went down , mine never skipped a beat. During the few breaks we had, I would find the cleanest puddle I could find and rinse off my pistol, mags and rifle – all of which have been treated with Froglube.

The mud would wash away and the water would bead like on a duck’s back.

When the class was over I hosed off my gear and reapplied Froglube. The confidence Froglube Instills is the reason I will never use another gun care produced.