Great product!

I purchased Frog Lube Paste and applied it to my Beretta 92fs Inox as the directions stated. I didn’t think that I would like the mint smell at first ( I like the smell of Hoppes #9) but after a short while I liked it and my wife didn’t complain as she always did in the past.
As I stated I applied before taking a tactical pistol class. The class is all day long come rain or shine. I live in south Florida and the class was held basically in the Everglades, we had torrential rains twice during the day with almost 100 degree weather when it wasn’t raining. We continued to train in the rain and after the rain in the mud. Others had some issues with FTF or FTE with their firearms; I didn’t have any issues even when the firearm was steaming from the rain hitting it. After the class a few of us returned to my house to clean the weapons, well  all I had to do is wipe mine down with plenty of patches and it was clean and shiny again. It was just powder residue on it no sand or dirt, as for the others they had to clean the fine sand and grit from theirs. It took them twice as long to get them clean.
I have now applied Frog Lube to all of my weapons and the guys that were with me are now believers and purchased Frog Lube for themselves.
Nice product!

~Mike D