Froglube on all my rifles & guns

I’ve been using Froglube now for over a year after a demo at a local range. Curious after asking about it and not having a nasty chemical smell from breakfree and normal gun lubes, I figured it was worth giving it a try.
After putting Froglube on my 2 Glocks, xm-15 and Sig716 I was very happy with how easily the next cleaning was. Hearing the testimonies of “just wipe it down” seemed to good to be true, but it is.
I love being able to shoot an IDPA, GSSF or USPSA match, go home and use a microfiber cloth wipe it down if I’m being lazy or do a complete cleaning taking rarely more than 15 minutes for the handgun and less than 30 for the rifles.

I had a new Kriss Vector that was almost impossible to move the charging handle due to all the manufacturing grease but after the first heat soak it glided back with 2 fingers. Many of the problems people report with the Vector I just don’t have.

Even the nastiest gunpowder from reload cheap rounds wipes down and cleaning time doesn’t change. First thing I do with every new gun/rifle (well if I don’t shoot it first) is to remove the grease/oils and FROGLUBE IT.