Froglube- “Nothing else….. ever!”

I have been having a problem with a .22 LR semi-auto. I was trying it out, after I polished the feeder ramp. It was better, but still not right. The fellow next to me stuck up a conversation, and he noted my struggle. He asked if I ever used FrogLube. I had read about it in a magazine, but had not tried it. He broke out a bottle, and asked me if he could lube my pistol. I consented, and he soaked the rails, bolt face, extractor, and magazine. He rapid cycled the magazine and slide about 20 times, re-lubed , re-cycled, and wiped the exterior down. Talking about a BIG improvement. 1 problem in the next 20 shots. He went through the drill again. and I shot the rest of the day without a single malfunction.

I have purchased FrogLube for myself and some shooting friends. Nothing else…… ever.