FrogLube continues to innovate

I have been using FrogLube for several years. Each of my pistols was “seasoned” new out of the box. They ran smoothly, were easy to clean, and as a side benefit I found every trigger pull was reduced by ½ pound. When the Solvent was introduced, I paired it with the CLP for my gun maintenance process.

A couple of months ago, I began having failures to feed, failures to eject properly and failures to go into battery with high end 1911s that had shot several thousand rounds. I discovered that these guns displayed a “sluggish behavior” when racked by hand. I began reducing the amount of CLP that I applied to the rails (I use a syringe to control amount and point of application.). Reducing the amount of CLP helped, but the issues persisted. I called the FrogLube customer support line and they explained in detail the root cause of the problem and advised using FrogLube Extreme to lubricate the rails of these guns as the frame to slide fit was tight. I did this and am pleased to report these guns are running smoothly.

FrogLube initially introduced the CLP and then the solvent. To meet other demands Extreme was developed for sub-zero temperatures and tight fitting guns. FrogLube continues to innovate to meet customer needs.

~G Shanholt