Froglube-Applications in the marine market as well!

If you haven’t already, check out this awesome company. Most of us fisherman tend to be firearms owners as well, and this product is certainly worth giving a shot. I was exposed to Froglube extensively while working in the firearms industry as an armorer and instructor, and have continued to introduce this product to all of my coworkers in public safety and police work.

Froglube is a bio-based CLP (Cleaner, lubricant and protectant). Not only will it clean and remove carbon and fowling from your firearms, but it will also provide a durable, long-lasting lubrication where you need it most. It is also made from food-based material and approved as a bio-based product by the USDA. Best of all, it is a service-disabled, veteran owned company, and everything is produced right here in our beautiful country.

The reason I share this product with the fishing community is that it has many applications in the marine market as well. I have been using this product all season on my Charger 296 Bass Boat. I have used it to prevent dry-rot and mildew on fuel lines and other rubber and plastic lines/hoses. I have used it to prevent corrosion on electrical connections and battery connections. The product can act as an awesome waterproofing agent as well, and even help restore sun-bleached polymer surfaces like trolling motor brackets.

If you’re interested, head to or to to find your nearest distributor. And of course, shoot me a message if you have any questions. Tight lines, keep fishing!