I’m sold on your product and plan on using it from now on

I just wanted to give you an update on how well your product worked for me. I’m my department’s armorer and am responsible for over 50 Sig 229 and 239s. I recently finished my annual armorer’s tear down on all the weapons and at the recommendation of my re-cert instructor, used Froglube for the first time. I detail stripped the weapons and soaked them in a “crock pot” filled with Froglube. The parts pretty much came out clean without much scrubbing. Re-assembly was easier then it’s ever been and they truly seemed to function much smoother.

Shortly after the annual service all of our investigators attended in-service training which included a full day on the range. There was not a single malfunction noted. After over 400 rounds downrange per gun everyone was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to just wipe off the carbon and dirt.

I have since transitioned all of my personal weapons, mostly WWII vintage rifles, over to Froglube. I’m sold on your product and plan on using it from now on.

Thanks again.