“I can happily report, with absolute conviction, that this is the finest product for metal care that I’ve encountered to date!”

I am an amateur shooter and a professional leathercrafter. One of my primary areas of business is custom sheath work for unique knives. What this entails is needing a product that can protect the blade completely from any dampness while wet leather conforms perfectly to fit it, and this week I had an order for a particularly old and well-worn blade that is much beloved by my client.

Additionally, I work entirely by hand and therefore have a large number of tools that are either actual antiques, have tiny moving parts, or see extreme wear and tear (sometimes outdoors, due to events)…often all of the above.

Finally, my partner’s pistol had recently put out a lot of rounds at the range from a particularly sulfurous ammo, leaving it full of ick even after a thoroughly OCD cleaning with Hoppe’s, and I had recently purchased a used automatic (so even though it appeared to be in fine working order, who can say how the previous owner cared for it, right?). Essentially, we had collectively five different tasks for FrogLube in the first week following purchase.

I can happily report, with absolute conviction, that this is the finest product for metal care that I’ve encountered to date. (And you can imagine from the above list that I’ve tried more than a few.) After a thorough cleaning, not only was my client’s knife gleaming and rust free, he was pleased that it didn’t in any way alter the character of the old metal, beyond filling in the old areas of pitting. For my part, I was delighted to find that several hours of the shaping process left me with no damage to the leather and no need to further oil the blade, as the water hadn’t gone anywhere near the metal.

Following this first success, I set about cleaning and polishing my tools, starting with some particularly mucked up antique shears and an old rotary punch. I was so pleased with the results that I was convinced to hit the rest of my toolbox, which at a conservative estimate includes about 6 dozen items (many are very small). Seriously, my tools have not looked or worked this well since I purchased them. Several of the older ones have probably not been in this good of condition in literally decades. Again, delighted would be an understatement.

Moving on to the firearms, the boyfriend and I set about cleaning our weapons. As I said, his was still full of muck after what was the best cleaning we could produce with other products, and mine newly acquired used piece had visible layers of grime and gummed up old grease on nearly every surface. As an experiment, I even did mine thoroughly with the Hoppe’s before attempting the FrogLube, just to even the score on our pieces. We were both astonished and impressed by the substantial amount of additional gunk that the FL cleared up. All the moving parts on my A-100 went from seemingly fine to buttery smooth and as for his Sig, in his words, “it looks like it has a whole new finish”. I wish I could have captured the look on his face as he said that for you.

So, please forgive the long letter, but I thought you’d be interested to know just how thoroughly sold we both are on your product. It really is excellent, and I am pleased with how much I have left after all that cleaning. A little truly goes a long way. As for the non-toxic aspect, I have to say it makes a nice change to spend a whole night cleaning metal and not fear chemical burns.

Generally I am wary of anything that claims to “just work!”, but in this case, I’m going to go ahead and believe you. I’ve now been using FrogLube exclusively for nearly a year and have never been happier.

Thanks again!