Then came FrogLube…

I’m not a Navy Seal, or a man of blue. I’m just a regular guy, who likes to shoot. I don’t own an arsenal, and don’t have a room for my guns. Just a little cabinet with my toys. Cleaning my guns was a sort of…meditation. After an afternoon of shooting, sitting down and catching up on some crappy TV and disassembling my firearms to clean them was a type of therapy.

Then, that therapy got monotonous. And then infuriating.

With other oil, and CLP type protects, I never had a malfunction in a level. The protects works…but the cleaning didn’t. What was once a treasured alone time became moments of dread and annoyance.

Then came FrogLube. I am always one to try different things, and see what happens. So, I striped my M&P 9mm, cooked it in the oven for a for seconds to get all parts nice and warm, and slathered on the green stuff. The smell was pleasant (my wife could sit next to me and watch TV with my while I worked), and it acted like I was told it would.

That weekend I shot a lot of rounds (for me at least). Came home and thought about my “me” time. Sitting down, TV on, I brought the micro fiber towel like the instructions said, and just was ready to go to town. I was amazed. The grime, the soot, the build up, the residue…just….disappeared. Gone. No toothpicks, no cotton swabs, no soaking parts its in a solution that could kill rats. It just wiped away with a cloth.

I was sold.

I have recommended this product to every one I know. My father has fully switched, my cousin who is Boarder Patrol has fully switched. All my friends, and even a coworker or two has all switched. I have bought more bottles of FrogLube for other people than I have for myself.

This is a legit product, that stacks up against every single one of their claims.

It is, and will continue to be, the only gun CLP product that I use for my beloved toys.

Thanks FrogLube…I can now watch more crappy TV and less time cleaning my guns!!