Bolt Guns Love FrogLube too

     I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how impressed I am with your product. I compete in the Precision Rifle Series and at the Sniper’s Hide Cup in May, a fellow competitor put a little on my bolt rifle. There was one stage at this match that included a moving target that allowed unlimited rounds. Seeing the top shooters at this stage work their bolt I thought “I can’t even operate my bolt that fast”. After this fellow competitor applied some of the frog lube paste to my bolt, I could feel the difference immediately.

     Having purchased some of my own since, I now think I can keep up in bolt speed at least. I have been so impressed, I have shown the product to 2 others and their initial reaction was the same as mine, and they both now have their own supply as well. So that being said, thank you as I feel my performance in my competitions have improved in part to your product. I will be using you product on all of my rifles, competition or otherwise.

Jeff O.