Another convert

Most of my guns have never been exposed to any other CLP. Works great and makes cleaning easy.

Recently at a 2 day rifle class at a well known Nevada school, my line partner was experiencing failure to feed malfunctions every third or fourth round in his new M&P AR-15. At the first break he took it to the range gunsmith who cleaned up the bolt and applied some grease. That helped for about an hour, then the failure to feed malfunctions returned.

I suggested lube with some liquid FrogLube I carry in a needle oiler. That got him back in action. At lunch we pulled the bolt assembly and wiped all the parts down with Frog Lube. I added a few splashes in the lower receiver charging handle slot and chamber.

He finished the remaining day and a half of class with only one more failure to feed. I told him how to clean and treat the entire rifle.

Having never heard of FrogLube and with a suspect sounding name, he asked the range master if he had ever heard of this stuff. The range master/lead instructor said it is the only lube he uses on his AR and 1911. From cold, snow, rain, dust storms and general harsh conditions in the Mojave desert, all his weapons work without fail in daily use.

There’s one more FrogLube convert today.