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Amazing Products.

The best

What you get: Each bottle, the cleaner and the lube, comes in a tall plastic bottle with a sprayer. Each also has a lock for the sprayer so you can close off the pump function.

The Cleaner

The cleaner is very nice. it seems to have the consistency of water from a spray bottle but must have some kind of drying agent because it does wipe off easy and cleans very very well. It easily removed all the residue in my guns (I had put about 150 rounds through each before cleaning). I sprayed parts liberally, let it sit scrubbed and dried. I give the cleaner an A+ because not only was it very good at cleaning, it was easy to wipe away the crud and the solvent. It left all parts, metal, plastic, the barrel, etc. feeling very clean and smooth.

The CLP Lube

I applied to all parts and again as directed, it sit for several minutes. I then began to wipe down the parts, It feels like a light oil yet, unlike an oil, it is wipeable, more like a wax…if you spray too much, it does wipe like an oil at first but cleans up nicely leaving a lubed, but not oily feel. So feel free to be a little liberal with will clean up nicely.

Again, an A+ The result. My gun actions, triggers, slides, etc. feel awesome. A+++ Bottom Line, I will be using this here on out…