..all of your claims have proven true and I am fast becoming a believer

We met at SHOT Show…You gave me samples of your Frog Lube. Frankly, I was a bit skeptical…I’ve always been a “lube it generously” kind of guy. When the other “I run a dry gun” guys were dealing with constant stoppages–I’ve had only 1 stoppage in my M4 and ZERO in my Glocks in the last 10 years of doing a LOT of shooting. So when you said, “Put it on, and then wipe itoff,” I was thinking, “Oh man, here we go again.” I realized two weeks ago that I hadn’t tried it because I figured it was going to be another “You don’t have to lube it and it will work great” disaster–constant, unremitting stoppages. Well, I decided to test Frog Lube out. I cleaned my handgun with Frog Lube, warmed it up, and treated it again. Then I fired 400 rounds in my Frog Lube treated, dry Glock–with no stoppages. I then taught a class for a bunch of undercover narcs last week– two days of shooting in the windy (40-60 mph), cold of Las Vegas in the winter–the sand and dust was like constantly being sandblasted. No stoppages in front of the students–which is a good thing!

I just wanted to thank you for the samples and to let you know that, so far, all of your claims have proven true and I am fast becoming a believer.”