Press Release: FrogLube Extreme


Announcement: FrogLube® has developed a NEW Hi Performance CLP liquid lubricant for firearms called “FrogLube Extreme™”

Narrative: FrogLube’s New CLP lubricant is designed to perform in expanded temperature range conditions (sub-freezing cold through searing hot) and to remain effective through extreme climate transitions.

FrogLube Extreme™ joins FrogLube Super Degreaser™ as the second product developed for the “Professional Grade” line-up. U.S. Army Field Manual for Arctic Operations, FM 37-10 series recommends the use of an arctic lubricant for use on weapons during sustained operations below freezing (32˚F/0˚C). Over the past 2 1/2 years, FrogLube operations designed a broad temperature range, liquid CLP they named “FrogLube Extreme™” which has been tested between -44˚F/-42˚C and above 140˚F/52˚C.
The reason for FrogLube’s new bio-based CLP formula is to allow for the professional operator or hunter to transition between sub-zero conditions through high temperatures without having to change out their bio-based lubricant.
FrogLube Extreme retains all the same benefits of standard FrogLube CLP to include the use of non-toxic food grade ingredients, non-petroleum base, non-flammable, non-hazmat with no hazardous transportation or disposal requirements.
Additional Benefits to standard FrogLube CLP:
* Remains viscous in sub-zero temperatures and does not evaporate or burn off during high heat.
* Reduced fouling on tactical rifles used in high volume round counts.
* Functions extremely well on “tight action” or precision built firearms.
* Can be mixed with standard FrogLube CLP™.
* Convenient applicator squeeze tube packaging.
* Complies with U.S. Army Field Manual/Tech Manual specifications for small arms operations and maintenance.
FrogLube’s NEW FrogLube Extreme is the perfect lubricant solution for those who demand 100% confidence no matter what environmental condition the next crisis presents them. Any time, any where…, IT WORKS EVERYWHERE!
FrogLube Extreme is now available for public sale. Contact your authorized FrogLube Dealer for the latest development in gun care from FrogLube.