FrogLube on board with Student of the Gun Radio

Student of the Gun Press Release 5/4/2015

FrogLube on board with Student of the Gun Radio


Student of the Gun Radio is pleased to welcome their newest sponsor, FrogLube firearms care and maintenance products. “We’ve been working with Frog Lube products on our rifles, shotguns, and handguns this summer and we’ve been impressed.” commented Paul Markel, host of SOTG.  “We are looking forward to the opportunity to introduce our audience to this exciting product.”

“Mean, Green, and Clean! FrogLube is the worlds first and finest complete non-toxic firearms performance and care system comprising of a CLP and a Solvent.  Guns don’t like grime-give ‘em FrogLube and watch ‘em run.” FrogLube is 100 percent Made in the USA.

Student of the Gun Radio airs Monday to Thursday via iTunes, Stitcher, Podcast Republic, the SOTG Mobile App for iPhones and Android devices, and numerous other on-demand media outlets.  SOTG Radio Bonus Hour goes out to Grad Program members each Friday.

Listen right now at Student of the Gun Radio and visit our friends at FrogLube.