Vanessa Aguliar

Vanessa Aguliar is 8 years old and is in the 2nd  grade. She fired her first shot at the age of 5 when she questioned her parents about the guns she saw in her grandparents gun cabinet and as a part of explaining what they were and what they did, was allowed to fire a few shots. She was quickly hooked.

She has trained for two years now with both the Austin Sure Shots and the San Antonio Sure Shots as one of their Mini Sure Shots. During the San Antonio Sure Shots meetings she will also assist in the safety briefing for new shooters to the group. She has attended an all girls Mini Sure Shots clinic and trains at least twice a month on both the Walther P22 pistol and the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 rifle which is camouflage pink. Both of the weapons are hers. She has fired an AR-15, a PS-90 and a Bersa 380, but due to her very petite size, she prefers her 22s right now. She is currently training for both IDPA pistol matches and Steel Challenges. She has attended both as a spectator to learn match expectations, etiquette as well as to study the safety essential for participating in shooting matches.


When not at the gun range shooting bowling pins, steel or targets, Vanessa is a cheerleader for a national youth football league, is a member of a singing and performance group at school and helps out at the family’s paintball field. Outside of the range she is a total girly-girl who likes to play dress-up, get her nails painted, her hair done, and dresses in all things that sparkle. Vanessa wants to compete in shooting matches in the future. She dreams of becoming a police officer either working at the police academy or with a canine unit. Vanessa also has fun pointing out when actors on television or in movies break one of the 4 rules of gun safety. She will tell you which rule was broken and why.

FrogLube is very proud to sponsor Vanessa and continue to follow her in her passion for the shooting sports quest as she continues to follow her dreams where they lead her. It is our hope that she continues to share her zeal for the gun with others her age and further the future of the shooting sports.