Tom Brannon


Growing I was always around firearms, my father was a policeman and sportsman. After high school I joined the U.S. Army all went well until I was deployed to Iraq in 2004-2005. I received my medical discharge due to injuries in combat. I then began shooting at a local range when a guy came up and talked me into competition style under USPSA rules. I must say I love it, you get to meet and learn from great shooters from all over. I shoot in the Production Division with a Glock 34 9mm,and Single Stack with a STI 1911 .40 cal. I am a C class shooter.

This summer I will be attending my first Class 3 match witch is the Area 5 Championship. The shooting is small part of it, you make great friends. On average I shoot 6 matches a month and with summer ahead it will be more. This is where everyone talks about what they use to reload to what type of lube they use. Since I have been using FrogLube, I tell the truth, I can’t tell you why it does … it just does, I don’t know how my cell phone works and it does. I had three matches back to back I shoot over 1,000 round and never cleaned or anything to my Glock, it performed perfect every time. I don’t like to go that long between cleaning but no other lube can stand up the abuse of a competition shooter. I am proud to say I have had a few friends leave their brand lube and come over to the ‘Green Side’. It makes cleaning faster, no foul smells from the other cleaning, It just get better and better.

I shoot wearing the logo of “Operation Resilient Warrior Inc” a non-profit organization to helping all Veterans and Active Duty get the help and treatment they need. I also work with a awesome man who takes wounded warriors on deer or turkey hunts for free. I feel honored to be able to give back and show my Brothers and Sisters being disabled does not mean you have to give up on life.

~Tom Brannon