Teresa Arce-Palacio

I’m Teresa Arce-Palacio. I’m a student of multiple disciplines in martial arts including knife fights and shooting. I consider myself as a skilled student with experiences training and teaching in Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ, knife fight/defense, and most recently shooting. I’ve also delved into teaching fitness training, diving and yoga.

I’m currently training to strengthen my shooting skills. I was introduced to long guns (rifles/shotguns) and handguns at the infancy of my training in Krav Maga. Mainly focusing on manipulations and take away for personal protection, military servicemen, and LEO. I found my niche in shooting because it requires focus, skills, and the ability to react under stress from different situations and the responsibility to carry and manipulate weapons is something I have an absolute respect for. I’ve used a few cleaning products to clean my weapons, which is one of my favorite parts and was told to try FrogLube and out of anything I’ve tried I found it to be my number one choice because of how it cleans my weapons. I’m very particular about cleaning my guns and this product keeps it in its pristine condition. As a novice female shooter and experienced martial arts student,

I am very careful with whom I associate my name and I believe that it would be an honor to represent and associate my name with FrogLube.

My educational background is in Psychology, Biology, and Counseling. I graduated with a B.S. in Psychology and A.S. in Science/Biology (Dean’s List). I’ve been involved in athletics since grade school. I’ve also appeared at a local gym in Las Vegas for a pro athlete commercial and our local news for self-defense and to advocate women empowerment. I take training and people’s safety very seriously.

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