FrogLube - The World's Only Completely Green Weapons Care System

Steve Thomas


I am a competitive shooter participating mostly in USPSA/IDPA events. I shoot approximately 15,000 – 20,000 rounds a year between practice and competition. Needless to say a functioning gun is essential. I have tried most of the major brands of lubrication on the market. Some seem to work well for a while, then fall short.

Every once in awhile a product comes along that actually delivers on their promise – FrogLube is one of those products! Since using FrogLube my equipment runs smoother and allows for a quicker clean up. It can be difficult finding a lubricant that can perform well with an Open gun but FrogLube truly does. I am really pleased..for once! Thank you very much!

~Steve Thomas

2011 Highlights:
MD State IDPA: 1st SSP Expert
USPSA, VA/MD Sectional: 3rd Open “A”
USPSA, Mid Atlantic Sectional: 3rd Open “A”
USPSA, Area 8: 2nd Open “A”
USPSA, Area 7: 1st Open “A”, 3rd Overall