Shyanne Roberts

“Tom Boy Diva”
“NJ’s Littlest Patriot”
“Shooting World’s Youngest Rising Star”
“The Poster Child for the Pink Guns & Ammo Movement”

This young lady began enjoying the sport of target shooting at the age of five under the close supervision of her father, Dan Roberts.

Engaging in sanctioned matches at the age of seven across a wide variety of disciplines and participating in events including IDPA, USPSA, 3-Gun, Action Rifle, and Steel Silhouette, Shyanne is a rising star among today’s youth competitors.

Twenty fourteen brought on the bigger guns, a custom AR15 by Gun For Hire, a Beretta12ga semi-auto, and a custom Glock 19 along with enhancements to her Ruger 22/45 and M&P15-22. She immersed herself in training with Todd Jarret, competing at the Brownells Lady 3-gun bringing home the “Tough as Nails” award, USPSA matches, and an assortment of rimfire challenges.

The media was well aware of our girl, featuring her on CNN, Fox & Friends, ABC Nightline, Chasing NJ, News 12 NJ, as well as the cover of Junior Shooter, an assortment of newspaper articles, podcasts, and radio mentions. There’s no doubt, the nation has noticed that Shy’s generation is shooting for their future.

Previously named Student of the Month during her time at Janvier School, also part of the Franklin Twp. School District, she maintains honor roll standing. When she’s not competing or training, this “Tom Boy Diva” enjoys hanging out with her friends, little brother and older sisters, earning Girl Scout merit badges, riding her quad, fishing, hunting, music, soccer, lacrosse, and hanging out at the beach.

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Twitter: @Tom_boy_Diva

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