Richard White

Richard White of Mesa, Arizona. I grew up shooting like many with my Dad and competed at a high level regionally in field archery. I started in the action shooting sports in 1997, while finishing college in Southern California at USC and fell into it deep after meeting the folks at Norco Running Gun IPSC and Southwest Pistol League (where IPSC was born). I started like many on a small budget and with limited resources. With a lot of hard work though, I began finishing well regularly at the local level and trained with some of the best instructors in our collective sports. In 2012, I earned the ranking of Master in USPSA’s Open division.

Around 2000, I began competing in 3-Gun competition and fell in love with its added complexity. I’ve finished well, competing mostly in the Open division. In 2014, I took on the daunting task of shooting 3-Gun in the Tactical Optics division. I’ve finished probably better than I should, given the amount of time that I’ve shot in this division, but the biggest lesson that the sports have taught me is where to pick my battles. I definitely look forward to raising my skills to the challenge of Tac Optics!

I am extremely honored to be part of FROGLUBE TEAM! Before joining, I used a more traditional method of cleaning/lubrication of my firearms. As a veteran flight medic of the Army, my number one criteria for any piece of kit is that it has to work and be better than what I was already using. A friend gave me a Froglube cleaning kit and after 3-4 times using it in various conditions, fell in love with its simplicity, consistency and environmental consciousness. I’ve used Froglube religiously since then and recommend it to everyone I know.

Speed is a tactic.”

Twitter – @uscbigdawg

Instagram – @uscrichw

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