Ray Harrell


I’ve been been around firearms my entire life, and have raised my son and daughter to understand, respect and to maintain their equipment. Preaching that a “clean and well oiled firearm will never let you down”. My father was taught by his father, I from mine and they from theirs. As tradition are very strong in our family. With that long tradition comes a long line of best methods and various “snake oils”.

It was my son who introduced me to FrogLube. Being a bit skeptical, (based on a long history of tradition), I tried it. First impression was very impressive. I then tore down my Springfield XD-9 Tactical Competition pistol to parade-rest and completely treated it with FrogLube. Still being a bit skeptical, I only intended to run it during my practice sessions….I was still reserved to use it for Competition matches. Nearly a 1,000 rounds of practice, I prepared myself for the disassembling ritual that I have come to dread…hearing my own words I have preached “a clean and well oiled firearm will never let you down”. My son told me that cleaning the weapon after applying FrogLube would be much easier, much cleaner and the longer you used it the better.

That was 3 months ago, I have used nothing else since. My Competition pistol has not failed me, nor do I have an oily mess thanks to FrogLube.

I look forward to the day I can preach to my grand kids “a clean and well lubed firearm will never let you down”.

Traditions are wonderful, but when something comes around like FrogLube, well, I guess it’s time to tweak traditions a little……..sorry Dad!

It’s great when a Son can enlighten a Father.


Ray Harrell
IDPA/USPSA Father/Son Team