Natasha Pitre

I am a 19-year-old junior Long Range, Mid-Range and High Power shooter from Monmouth, Oregon. I am currently a sophomore at Western Oregon University, studying Community Health and Nursing. I am a firing member on the Oregon State High Power Rifle Team and the U-25 USA Young Eagles Palma Team. I have been shooting rifles competitively for four years now and I have had the opportunity to shoot all over the country such as in Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, Ohio and Kentucky.  I am classified as a High Master shooter for Long Range and Mid-Range, and a Master shooter for High Power Rifle.

This is a sport that I thoroughly enjoy and I will continue to compete in it for many years to come. I have been lucky to have some of the best coaches in the United States work with me and train me to become a better shooter, coach, and all around a better individual. Every time I go out and compete, I go out and have fun and do my best. In this game there are many talented shooters and it is always a pleasure to compete alongside of them, I personally enjoy the friendly competition. Among my accomplishments, I have also had the opportunity to have leadership roles such as currently serving as the U25 Young Eagles Team Adjutant and have I been designated team captain and coach for long range and high power competitions numerous times.

I choose Froglube because is a wonderful product, it cleans all of my guns efficiently and I never have to worry about shooting in the rain or a gun malfunction regarding the cleanliness of my gun. I shoot in the dirt and the grass as well as all different types of climates all times of the year, Froglube is a product I know I can trust, plus I love the smell of mint coming back at my face every time I shoot. I am very excited to be a part of the Froglube gang! To keep track of all of my shooting adventures, you can find me on Facebook at Northwest Competitive Shooter-Tasha Pitre.

Distinguished Expert in NRA 50ft 4-position small bore in 2011
Receiving the 2012 Sierra Bullet High Junior Trophy
Midwest Palma Championships 3rd Master in the Palma Championship Aggregate
Midwest Palma Championships 1st MA/EX in the 1,000 yd. Palma Rifle Any Sight
Midwest Palma Championships 1st Master in the Individual Aggregate
Qualified for the Palma Twenty in 2013
2013 winner of the Mustin Trophy
2013 Junior Canadian Cup winner Winner of the 2013 National Long Range Championship (Tompkins Trophy)
Bronze Whistler Boy Medal 2-Man Team Match (2012, 2013)
Silver Freedom’s Fire Medal 2- Man Team Match (2012,2013)
National Trophy Team Match 6-Man Team Match (2013)
3rd place overall Leupold Cup (2013)
Silver Team Coach Medal  Full-bore Mini Palma Perry Team Match (2014)
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