Mitchell Rolen


I have been shooting since I was very young, After high school I went straight to Gunsmithing school and graduated February 2011 three days after I graduated I started working full time as a gunsmith at high mountain hunting supply. Once I started working there I got very interested in shooting long range and any kind of competitions, and eventually entered my first pistol competition, I didn’t do very good but instantly I was hooked. After that I trained as much as I could with my long range gun, carbine, pistol, and shotgun.

Personal goals for this year and next year:
Shoot in the Findly Cup and place top 20 which last year was on the Precision rifle series
Travel to out of town events such as IDPA, Three gun, F class, and Precision rifle events
Consecutive hits at a mile with my .308 on a 16”x16” steel plate
Attend shooting schools to further advance my skills
Help out local kids get into shooting Jr. small bore
Start local IDPA shooting events