Jason Farhat


I have always had a fondness for firearms and competitive natured sports, shooting sports just fell into place naturally for me. I have shot competitions recreationally since 2006, entering into some NRA 2700 Bullseye matches and NRA High Power from time to time, but it wasn’t until I discovered my interest in American Skeet that I found my discipline.

I began shooting American Skeet Competitively in March of 2012, what an amazing discipline and a crowd of excellent people. I have been shooting for years, watching outdoor sporting, online resources and competition as it has become mainstream and found Skeet to be the most thrilling and some days frustrating sport out there.

Late 2012 I began using FrogLube after becoming increasingly frustrated with most available products and even mixtures researched and tried. I was growing tired of the constant chemical smell, the skin and eye irritation and the lingering fumes after cleaning. Shooting 200-600rds a week and 2 cleaning sessions I needed to find something that worked. I gave FrogLube a try on a virgin shotgun, one I could build a baseline with that had no other use nor cleaners used to evaluate. AMAZING, the lubrication properties have proven outstanding, I have (2) other shotguns from the same manufacturer with other products that show much more wear. FrogLube’ s has outperformed any grease for actions I have used in the past, a great many that has been. The barrels were prepped and cleaned as suggested since purchase, cleanup has gotten to be very simple, after repeated use lead, plastic and fouling are nearly nonexistent, a few brush strokes and four or so soaked patches and the barrels are clean at this point. One of the biggest highlights is I don’t have to smell ammonia and acetone based products while cleaning, the after smell of these can get sickening even if outside until it becomes aired out. FrogLube is more than pleasant to endure, it is welcomed at this point. Test & eval shall continue through the lifespan of this firearm, each time it is getting better and better, with the barrels seasoning themselves, the firearm breaking in and the addition of new sub gauge tubes, it will have a long life of shooting and competition. Currently I am using FrogLube on all my weapons and upgrading them as used, everything has become slicker and smoother, cleanup is and has been increasingly easy since the changeover.

I appreciate the support FrogLube shows our troops, from the constant involvement in product distribution to our troops overseas; to the roles FrogLube have in expanding the organizations that support our soldiers. Thank you!!

2013 is whole new year, with the results of last year and the incredibly good times I had I will be taking a more active role in skeet this year, I have already made reservations to attend the Krieghoff Masters in Savannah GA, The Kolar Mid America in St Joe IN and am planning on 12 other events ranging from local shoots to State/Zone Championships within the next 4 months. My goal for 2013 is to make the All American and State Teams, one not so easily attained, the only place for me to go is upwards and keep climbing.

Other disciplines in 2013 are GSSF, there is 3 events sponsored in the tri state area for outdoor matches and many indoors, GSSF members know FrogLube, it will be a privilege to represent them during the matches, speak with the shooters about the product and hopefully distribute samples to those whom which want to try it.

~Jason Farhat

2013 Path
Cold & Snowy Open
12ga – C Class and Triple Sub Champ

Snowshoe Open
HOA – 3rd place & Triple Sub Champ
12ga – 3rd Place and Triple Sub Champ
20ga – 3rd place C class and Triple Sub Champ

Leprechaun Open
20ga – C class Champ
.410 – B Class Champ

2012 Highlights
FL state Championships
12ga – 2nd place D Class and Triple Sub
20/28/.410 – 2nd place Triple Sub

Krieghoff Masters
12ga Doubles – 1st Place D Class & 2nd place Triple Sub 2
20/28ga – 3rd Place Triple Sub 2
.410 2nd Place Triple Sub 2

Jerry Borders Open
12/20/28/.410 Triple Sub Champ
.410 C Class Champ & 3rd place 2 man Team

Zone 4 Championships
3rd Place HOA (High Overall Average) C Class & Novice Champ
12ga – D class Champ, 3rd place Triple Sub, Novice champ & 2nd Two man team
|28ga 3rd Place D Class
.410 & 12ga Doubles Novice Champ