Doug Tellef

I have been exclusively using Froglube on my personal and duty weapons for 3 years.  I have always been very impressed with all of FrogLube’s products.  I have used them in conditions from freezing temperatures, cold with pouring rain and muddy, to hot and dusty and it has never let me down.  I recommend Froglube to all of my team at work and others.

I am a USPSA competitor, a Firearms Instructor, and Law Enforcement Officer with the US Coast Guard. I got into competitive shooting back in 1997 in Northern California and won several junior rifle matches. I am now getting seriously back into competitive shooting, as well as shooting almost every week for work. I recently competed in the USPSA Area 2 championship in AZ, where I finished “High Law Enforcement Officer” in Limited Division. My goal is to make A class in USPSA open by the end of 2016 and Master by mid-2017 if not before then. I am proud to represent FrogLube.


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