Dani ‘Oakley’ Nickens

Dani “Oakley” Nickens is one of our sponsored shooters as well as a NRA Certified Instructor in Southern Indiana. She owns and teaches at Diamond Defense LLC. alongside her husband, Josh Nickens, where they specialize in conceal carry and competition firearms training catering to all levels of shooters. She competes in NRA Action Pistol, Steel Challenge, IPSC, 3Gun and USPSA. She has been invited back to and will be shooting the prestigious NRA & Midway USA Bianchi Cup in Columbia, Missouri for her 3rd year. Dani got heavily involved in shooting as a means to protect herself and her son after a permanently disabling work injury left her unable to flee an attack. She began competing as a way of physical therapy and to work on defensive shooting skills and fell in love with the shooting sports. She promotes and empowers women and youth shooters and lives/teaches the motto of “Refuse to be a Victim”. Dani is also Range Supervisor at Izaak Walton League of America in Boonville, IN. Check out her shooter page and company page!   Dani was very honored to pick up Froglube as a sponsor as that is all she has used on her guns from the day she tried it. She loves the versatility, ease of use, and the fact it doesn’t smell horrible like most solvents and lubes.

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Instagram : @danioakley1911
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Dani writes for S&I Arsenal

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