FrogLube & Range Shooting

All weather, all gun success.

I've used Froglube since 2012 as I switched from using Eezoxx, MD Labs XF-7, and Sentry Solutions grease. As a LE instructor, I have to keep up my training so I attend training regularly and teach twice as much. With my custom AR and Glock 34, I was training in zero degree weather with snow outside, and shot a qual course six times in a row, with a warm up session beforehand. Neither firearm had a hiccup or issue. The temperature had no effect on the parts. Ever since, I've used Froglube exclusively on all my firearms, knives, tools, and numerous customers' firearms. I promote it to shooters all the time. I keep a small container in my range bag to help in classes and for my guns when out and about.

Matthew Sadoon
Team Life, Inc

Cleanup has never been so easy

I went to the range just last week to zero a red dot and flip ups. Long story short your product was phenomenal.  After disassembly of my rifle the cleanup has never been so easy, I have never had carbon come off as easily as this.  Honestly really great stuff.

H. Lock

If it slides, it needs FrogLube...

Like father, like son. Proud to say that dad made me clean my gun after each use. Now my son is carrying on the family respect for firearms. I have used many oils, cleaners, and lubricants in my 59 years. After trying FrogLube, we are seriously happy and staying with it. On shooting days: his A-R 15 just keeps firing, doesn’t jam like the other guys. The smooth thick texture just stays to provide firing action all day. We use it on long rifles and handguns alike. If it slides, it needs FrogLube. Seems to be a nice storage protectant as well. We are shooting about 15 different guns, three and four times a week, so storage is short lived.

M. F. Boone
Marshall, NC

I operate a guide service for waterfowl and the conditions we hunt in eats guns up...

I love this product. I operate a guide service for waterfowl and the conditions we hunt in eats guns up. Also I shoot USPSA and 3 gun Matches. Unfortunately there is a big misconception that the product sucks and gums up guns. I help at a local gun shop and have seen some of these guns that had issues after the product had been applied. It was user error and I see this alot with your product failure to follow directions. Keep making a great product!



Best Product Ever!

I have been using FrogLube exclusively for 3 years now, and have broken in all my guns from new with it without any problems. I recently purchased a 1911 and listened to someone that said use oil only on it, mistake, it locked up. Brought it home cleaned it up removed all the oil and Frog'Lubed it. Went back to the range and it fired flawlessly. I should have known better. I also recently bought the FrogLube Solvent and WOW, it works better than traditional solvents at removing carbon. I will never go back to the old cleaners and lubes.

steven howard

I am 100% amazed with the whole experience.

I decreased my P226, stripped down to parts and applied as directed. Applied product. I then waited 1 hour 15 minutes to settle, absorb and cool. I wiped off remaining product and re-assembled weapon. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly smooth the action was. Like ball bearings made of unicorn grease. I used a trigger pull gauge and had a 0.5 lbs reduction (double action) in pull over the usual stuff I use. I went to the range and spent the day putting 750 rounds through my sig. Here is what I noticed. Aside from a brutally long day, I encountered zero malfunctions. The product sweated out of the metal as advertised and gave me continued lubrcity. The weapon cycled the action smoother than before and felt like it was easier to control muzzle flip. I had zero jams, or any other sort of malfunctions. No FTF, FTE, or misfired rounds. After the 750 rounds of the cheapest ammo I could find I went home and used the clp to clean. I didn't even make it that far. I wiped with a old undershirt and never had to bother with the clp portion. It just wiped clean. I am 100% amazed with the whole experience. I see no reason to change. You have made me a believer, and a loyal customer

Bolt Guns Love FrogLube too

     I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how impressed I am with your product. I compete in the Precision Rifle Series and at the Sniper's Hide Cup in May, a fellow competitor put a little on my bolt rifle. There was one stage at this match that included a moving target that allowed unlimited rounds. Seeing the top shooters at this stage work their bolt I thought "I can't even operate my bolt that fast". After this fellow competitor applied some of the frog lube paste to my bolt, I could feel the difference immediately.

     Having purchased some of my own since, I now think I can keep up in bolt speed at least. I have been so impressed, I have shown the product to 2 others and their initial reaction was the same as mine, and they both now have their own supply as well. So that being said, thank you as I feel my performance in my competitions have improved in part to your product. I will be using you product on all of my rifles, competition or otherwise.

Jeff O.

I will use Frog Lube from now on...

I've been using Balistol and other lubricants from my local gun shop. After using Frog Lube on my pistol, semi-auto rifle and my 80 year old bolt action rifle i definatly notice a difference!

My bolt action rifle used to have a "sticky" bolt" in some spots but now its smooth as butter. Even just touching the bolt after wiping them down from where the bolt components usually grind against each other its smooth as well. Frog lube has improved the performance of my bolt action rifle without polishing of any metallic surfaces!

I also have a CZ75B 9mm and other lubricants usually grit and grime would build up in the slide rails and you'd hear metal on metal grinding along with the particulates as well. After using frog lube my slide and other parts of the gun seem to run alot smoother and stay cleaner.

I will use Frog Lube from now on because every time i get my guns out it smells like Christmas time. First lube I've come across that smells like popcorn and minty smell after firing my guns

David Armstrong

I had my doubts, but not anymore.

I served in the Army for 27 years. I have cleaned lots of weapons. From the 155mm self-propelled artillery howitzer to my 9mm sidearm. Unlike some other troops, I never did mind spending time and effort taking good care of my weapons. I even enjoyed the smell of the CLP issued to us. Now that I'm retired, I still shoot as often I as can, and still have the same attention to detail when cleaning my own personnel firearms. I visited my local gunstore and the owner suggested I try FrogLube. I went to the range and ran 500+ rounds through my favorite AR, went home, tore the rifle down and followed the instructions. It was amazing. I won't say this stuff is a "miracle cleaner dissolving carbon on contact" but I will say 1. Carbon and residue remains moist and wipes off easily. 2. Less time spent on hard to reach areas of the bolt and carrier. 3. Smoother action during extended firing.

Roy Brott
US Army (Retired E-7)

Great product!

I purchased Frog Lube Paste and applied it to my Beretta 92fs Inox as the directions stated. I didn’t think that I would like the mint smell at first ( I like the smell of Hoppes #9) but after a short while I liked it and my wife didn’t complain as she always did in the past.
As I stated I applied before taking a tactical pistol class. The class is all day long come rain or shine. I live in south Florida and the class was held basically in the Everglades, we had torrential rains twice during the day with almost 100 degree weather when it wasn’t raining. We continued to train in the rain and after the rain in the mud. Others had some issues with FTF or FTE with their firearms; I didn’t have any issues even when the firearm was steaming from the rain hitting it. After the class a few of us returned to my house to clean the weapons, well  all I had to do is wipe mine down with plenty of patches and it was clean and shiny again. It was just powder residue on it no sand or dirt, as for the others they had to clean the fine sand and grit from theirs. It took them twice as long to get them clean.
I have now applied Frog Lube to all of my weapons and the guys that were with me are now believers and purchased Frog Lube for themselves.
Nice product!

~Mike D

I have used a lot of other products, none compare to yours.

My name is Don Young I shoot the NSSF Rimfire Challenge.  I shoot the manual class with a Remington 572 pump 22.  I did the whole gun with FrogLube, I was amazed at how it took the friction away.  I went to Maryland state shoot this past weekend at Sanner's Lake Sportsman Club. I won my class.  One of the stages I turned in the single fastest time of 1.81 seconds. shooting against 54 other shooters.  Most of them were shooting semi autos.  That has to say something for your product when a person shooting a pump action can shoot faster than the semi autos.  I was talking with other shooters and telling them about how great your product is, a lot people have not herd of your product.  I bet a lot of them will now be looking into your products.  I have used a lot of other products, none compare to yours.  This year I plan to go to the PA, NY, and NJ state shoots for the NSSF Rimfire Challenge.

Here is a link to the score sheet from the shoot.

D. Young

After years of using different brands of cleaning products I'm finally satisfied.

Thank you for this product!

After years of using different brands of cleaning products I'm finally satisfied. I tried it out on my handgun first. It was awesome to watch the carbon just wipe away from my chrome lined feed ramp where I normally had to scrub or soak the barrel in Hoppes. Long story short, I've since applied to all of my firearms. My dad was curious about it so I took him out to the range for this past father's day. We shot until we were tired of shooting. Came home, broke the guns down. He saw first hand how badass this stuff is. I recently purchased a rifle from an auction. The first time I cleaned it, it didn't seem to really clean up. After putting boxes of ammo through it after treating it FrogLube it friggin' beamed when I cleaned it. It was awesome. It's made all the metal on my guns almost look new. I put it on my wood stock rifles and it made the wood gleam like they were new. i don't know what this stuff is made but you got a customer for life. People at the range always ask me about the gun "sweating" after firing. I try to preach the message to all of em'. Thanks again for what ya'll do. Keep it up.

Josh S.

It's the complete package for me!

I am a USPSA Action pistol shooter. I have been using the Froglube system for 2 months. When I got the system  I called customer service and got the best info and service. Since then I have put more than a few thousand rounds down range, with the same pistol. In competition and in practice. The first thing I noticed my action and trigger are way smoother than before . As the weeks went on I found that my double taps are getting faster! But the best of all, my Groups are Tighter!
All this and environmentally friendly, it's the complete package for me!
~D Mariscal


I was scared of FTE horror stories

I fell in love with the Kimber Solo. The online reviews of the Solo were very disheartening. Complaints of FTF, FTE, and that the Solo was machined with too tight tolerances. Not able to really function until a large break in period.

Dam the online reviews. Dropped the coin for a NIB. Bought the Frog Lube on the clerks word. 20.00 for a tube of it. Expensive I know but the clerk said trust me.

Followed the online direction and took it to the range the next day.

100 round of 124 grain ball ammo with only 1 FTE at around 83 or so. Limp wrist I knew it right away.

I give Frog Lube all the credit. Frog Lube works. It simply does. Break out the hair dryer, paint brush, and micro cloth. You will never use another product ever.

Frank Acosta

Thanks for a Great Product. I’ll be sure to recommend this to all my friends and students.

Growing up with Firearms , we all know that regular cleaning and proper lubrication is important. Shooting handguns dirty or dry (or both) can result in malfunctions and permanent damage. I grew up competing and teaching Martial Arts , Sword and Knife Fighting in Asia most of my life but regularly shot firearms as a kid in Military School. We all grew up pretty much educated with the basic cleaning of a hand gun and rifles with the use of solvents to help remove lead and powder fouling. Lubricants and Solvents were commonly used. However, the overall cleaning process remains the same no matter what model.

I’ve always been taught to clean our guns in a well-ventilated area that’s been prepared for gun cleaning. The chemicals and compounds produced by shooting, as well as the ones used to clean and lubricate, are toxic and should be handled with care. As a Martial Arts and Knife Fighting Instructor, I was introduced to Frog Lube working as a Consultant for the Defense Dept. I never used the product. I noticed that some of my students in the class were using Frog Lube to clean their M4 Assault Rifles. I had to ask what they were using since I didn’t smell the harsh solvent smell that I was a custom to.

I purchased a small 4 oz jar of Froglube CLP Paste at a local Gun shop and also used a sample liquid Jell sent to me from the good people of Froglube to test and evaluate. It’s a 100% biodegradable, non-toxic CLP (cleaner, lubricant, and protectant) that is made from food-grade components. That’s right, “Food Grade”. Its 100% safe for all firearm components and wont degrade rubber, plastic, o-rings, or even polyurethane. This is perfect at my home since I now have Grand children in my house. And seriously, the only thing I can smell from Frog Lube is the Minty Fresh Smell similar to winter green.
The Application process is very easy, and straight forward. All I did was do a simple field strip of the weapon and then lubed it up from there. Basically, you need to heat up the parts. I used a heat gun on the parts that are going to be lubed. I also heated my knives and swords as well. Spread evenly through the parts like butter. I even brushed it onto the plastic parts and handles and spread them evenly like butter.

The bottle of liquid Frog Lube works just like a traditional gun oil and can be squirted into hard to reach places. I also found that the liquid was the best way to send the Frog Lube down the barrel of the rifle and covered every portion of my rifles and hand guns. I gave it some time to let it absorb and wipe off the excess. You really don’t have to use that much but I did. I caked my rifle and hand guns.

At the Range, the magic begins as I see my rifle once again get “Wet” as I begin to shoot. As the gun heats up , the lube goes back into it’s liquid form. No drips or mess. The gun cools back down again the Frog Lube becomes a solid paste once again and absorbs the carbon and grime that came with the shooting session.

The most impressive part of this experience for me is the cleaning process. All I did to clean my rifle and hand gun after each range session was to field strip it, wipe it down with paper towels, and run a bore snake through it one time. Amazing Product and again Smells Minty Fresh. I am completely sold on this as a CLP for all of my firearms. It’s a great lube. Not only do I use it on all my Firearms but I also use it in all my Tactical Knives and Swords. It is non- Toxic and 100% biodegradable and safe to use around my kids and grandchildren. Since then, I got rid of all my Gun Cleaning Chemicals and solvent and I use Frog Lube 100% in all my weapons.

Thanks for a Great Product. I’ll be sure to recommend this to all my friends and students.

Paul Te Prieto
Knife and Kali Instructor & Govt. Contractor

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Another convert

Most of my guns have never been exposed to any other CLP. Works great and makes cleaning easy.

Recently at a 2 day rifle class at a well known Nevada school, my line partner was experiencing failure to feed malfunctions every third or fourth round in his new M&P AR-15. At the first break he took it to the range gunsmith who cleaned up the bolt and applied some grease. That helped for about an hour, then the failure to feed malfunctions returned.

I suggested lube with some liquid FrogLube I carry in a needle oiler. That got him back in action. At lunch we pulled the bolt assembly and wiped all the parts down with Frog Lube. I added a few splashes in the lower receiver charging handle slot and chamber.

He finished the remaining day and a half of class with only one more failure to feed. I told him how to clean and treat the entire rifle.

Having never heard of FrogLube and with a suspect sounding name, he asked the range master if he had ever heard of this stuff. The range master/lead instructor said it is the only lube he uses on his AR and 1911. From cold, snow, rain, dust storms and general harsh conditions in the Mojave desert, all his weapons work without fail in daily use.

There's one more FrogLube convert today.

Jim Joy

Impressive Results

I was at the recent BattleRoadUSA run and gun event this weekend (April 26th) and was introduced to Frog Lube by Jamie Franks who was also a participant in the shoot.

Jamie did a wonderful job showing the virtues of how effective Frog Lube was on several pistols as well as on several high dollar AR rifles, and the results were very impressive.

The overall feel of the slide and bolt cycling on all firearms afterward was very smooth with considerable effort needed by the operator.

I run a full auto AR and will be using FrogLube on my rig from now on, it's a great product.

Tim Hasselbach
Tahco Gunworks

FrogLube Test


     This Spring, I was able to get a hold of a bottle of Frog Lube gun cleaner, and a tube of Frog Lube CLP along with directions on how to properly prep my gun for a first time application and lubrication. It was easy enough-apply the solvent to all areas and vigorously scrub clean. Then wipe down, and apply the Frog Lube CLP- preferably after the gun has been sitting in the sun for a little while or after a heatgun has been used to warm the gun. As you use the gun and let the lube become conditioned into the gun, it will be easier to clean.

     The gun I used for this test was a Windham Weaponry WW15. My WW-15 had an estimated 1,000-1,200 rounds put through it without a single gun related incident. So I was pretty confident in the guns ability and was secure in knowing as long as the lube held up on it’s end, the rifle would have no problem with operation.

     Ok, I’ve got my WW15 lubed up and ready to start my own test. The first one I did was simply lube and toss it in a locker for a month. People do this all the time, and I wanted to see that after a month, it would still be covering all areas equally and not have evaporated, run off from gravity, or hardened up. After the month was up, it was looking alright. It was a little thicker than your average CLP- almost like it has a touch of gun grease mixed in with it. I figure this was just intended to keep the product on there with a decent thickness, and increase its ability to catch and hold carbon build up. The heat created by my gun from shooting should have no problem loosening it up.

     My next test was a simple performance test. I took it to the range and I ran 90 rounds of Federal M183. It wasn’t anything like a mag dump-I was actually just doing normal range day fun, while watching for any issues in performance. At the end of the day, there were no issues had.

     When I got home, I took it apart to do a quick inspection of the parts I could see without doing a BCG tear down, and then I ran a bore-snake through the barrel a few times. I knew that my gun group had a meet coming up in about another month, and a lot of people let their rifles go with far more rounds fired before they clean them, so I just put it away to simulate someone with the mindset of cleaning every 500-1000 rounds.


     Another month passed, and I pulled my WW15 out of the locker. I did another inspection of the lube-sure enough, it was kind of tacky, but it ran pretty good last time so I wasn’t too worried about it. I brought along some PMC X-TAC, PMC X-TAC GREEN TIP, Federal M-183, and put out an open invite to everyone in the group that they could run whatever they wanted through it.

     The morning started out with me grabbing a few mags and dumping them on the Mustang that we had brought out to shoot and blow up at the end of the day. After playing around with it a little bit, I was offered a chance of a lifetime. One of the members brought along a very nice sized stack of loaded mags! 840 rounds after all the mags were dug out. He offered, I double checked to make sure it wasn’t a joke and that I was understanding him clearly, and then it was on!


     At that point, this test went from being a Frog Lube test, to a Frog Lube Torture test. We were firing that rifle non-stop as fast as we could feed mags into it. There’s smoke coming off into my eyes from the oil on the barrel burning off, we have a nice brass pile building up, and at one point-we even had to stop momentarily to swap out foregrips. Apparently, the angled foregrip doesn’t hold off heat so well. Since I happened to have gloves, I was able to swap it out for a traditional vertical foregrip, took off the gloves and then we kept going. In hindsight-ehhh...maybe wasn’t the best move to just go non-stop like we did on that barrel, but DAMN it was a blast! I actually had to keep swapping out with the guy who provided the ammo to give our hands a break. At one point, most people broke off for lunch, so a handful of us stepped up to the 30 yd line to unleash on the Mustang from a closer distance. I took a break after that, and placed my AR on my portable AR workbench so it could cool off.

     About an hour later, I came back and ran a few more shots through it to make sure everything was still functioning properly. That entire day, I only had two issues with it-both were mag related failure to feeds. I think both times it was just a round not seated properly in the mag. For as many mags as we went through-that’s almost expected, so it was no big deal. Once I got home, I learned one thing DID fail on my rifle. I wore out my gas rings. Not really upset-if that’s the only problem I had, mechanically after all that we put the gun through, then I’m doing pretty good. As far as the lube goes-here’s where it impressed me-I had very minimal Frog Lube burnoff, and the carbon buildup was pretty much non-existent. There was one small patch that may have been ⅛ inch wide by about ¼ inch long stuck on the rear end of the bolt, and a small ring around the firing pin , but that’s it! Even the little bit around the firing pin wasn’t as bad as I’ve seen with CLP and far fewer rounds. After the 90 rounds from the first outing, then another 120 rounds I did by myself, and finally the 840 rounds added to the mix, I wound up running 1,050 rounds for this test.

I’m very impressed. In my opinion, Frog Lube CLP performs above and beyond my expectations and I will be a continued user as long as it keeps up it’s outstanding performance.

FrogLube for muzzleloaders

I ran a series of tests on FrogLube to see if it had any effect on the bore of a muzzleloading rifle and to see if it did anything to help keep the bore clean. I used a chronograph to measure the velocity of the patched round balls from both an untreated and a FrogLube treated bore on the same rifle. I found a statistically significant difference in muzzle velocities which told me that FrogLube does, in fact, condition the bore of a muzzleloading rifle.

When the group sizes from the unconditioned bore and the FrogLube conditioned bore were compared, there was a statistically smaller group from the FrogLube conditioned bore.

While shooting, I wiped my bore between each shot and compared the patches from the unconditioned bore to those from the FrogLube conditioned bore and found that the patches from the FrogLube conditioned bore had removed more fouling indicating that the FrogLube conditioned bore more readily released the fouling and it was more easily removed.

After cleaning my bore thoroughly, I ran a patch with FrogLube on it down my bore to protect it from rusting. After one day, no rust was found in the bore. After 5 days, no rust was found in the bore. After 2 weeks, no rust was found in the bore. My conclusion, simply stated, is that FrogLube does just what is says it will do.

Bill Martin

Froglube- "Nothing else..... ever!"

I have been having a problem with a .22 LR semi-auto. I was trying it out, after I polished the feeder ramp. It was better, but still not right. The fellow next to me stuck up a conversation, and he noted my struggle. He asked if I ever used FrogLube. I had read about it in a magazine, but had not tried it. He broke out a bottle, and asked me if he could lube my pistol. I consented, and he soaked the rails, bolt face, extractor, and magazine. He rapid cycled the magazine and slide about 20 times, re-lubed , re-cycled, and wiped the exterior down. Talking about a BIG improvement. 1 problem in the next 20 shots. He went through the drill again. and I shot the rest of the day without a single malfunction.

I have purchased FrogLube for myself and some shooting friends. Nothing else...... ever.

Richard Odefey

Rain or shine...

Rain or shine, FrogLube gets the job done. I was able to win the GA State USPSA Championship in Single Stack this weekend and my gun ran flawlessly. Even after shooting in the pouring rain and then putting the gun in a humid bag overnight, it's smooth and rust-free! Thanks FrogLube for your support and for amazing products.

Randy Arrowood

... it breaks down carbon and fouling like nothing I have ever seen

I just purchased Froglube after seeing it on youtube in a Chris Costa video. I had my doubts, so I asked around and found some fellow shooters using the product with nothing but great things to say. I cleaned and lubed all my weapons per the instructions with Froglube and shot two of them for the first time today. It is just amazing. My guns were "dry" and as they heated up, they became "wet" with lube. Not a single failure in two hours of shooting and the weapons were a snap to clean and reapply once I got home. I am throwing out all my petroleum products this evening. No smell, no mess, and it breaks down carbon and fouling like nothing I have ever seen. I would not be surprised if this does not put the other products out of business. Thanks for such a great product!!!

Fly Navy!

I taught Tactical Rifle in Victoria Texas the past weekend and shared my Frog Lube with some shooters

I taught Tactical Rifle in Victoria Texas the past weekend and shared my Frog Lube with some shooters. By the time we shot 1000 rounds each in tough conditions everyone was applying FrogLube™ to ALL their equipment. Hoffners is a proud distributor of FrogLube™.

We will have it on the website very soon but you can get yours now 281-855-8800, Dealers, set up your accounts 281-855-8800. IT JUST WORKS" You will be amazed by what it does.

Brian Hoffner
Hoffners LTD

..clean ups are quicker and more effective, along with a reduced amount of wear on parts

My name is Derek Ream and I am a competitive shooter in central Pennsylvania. I have been shooting for about 19 years. I compete in multiple disciplines including but not limited to; Trap, Sporting Clays, 5-Stand, big-bore bullseye, 3-gun tactical, and tactical pistol. I shoot up to 7 days a week, but a normal average of 3 days per week.

I just wanted to write to you saying that have had excellent results with your product (FrogLube (Liquid)). I have found that clean ups are quicker and more effective, along with a reduced amount of wear on parts compared to some other products. The fact that it is totally safe to handle with no gloves is a great point. And to be perfectly honest, I enjoy the smell a great deal over other CLPs that I have used in the past. A prime example would be Breakfree. It's a good product, but the smell makes me not want to use it.

So in a nut shell, that you for producing a great product!

Derek Ream
Competitive Shooter

..all of your claims have proven true and I am fast becoming a believer

We met at SHOT Show...You gave me samples of your Frog Lube. Frankly, I was a bit skeptical...I've always been a "lube it generously" kind of guy. When the other "I run a dry gun" guys were dealing with constant stoppages--I've had only 1 stoppage in my M4 and ZERO in my Glocks in the last 10 years of doing a LOT of shooting. So when you said, "Put it on, and then wipe itoff," I was thinking, "Oh man, here we go again." I realized two weeks ago that I hadn't tried it because I figured it was going to be another "You don't have to lube it and it will work great" disaster--constant, unremitting stoppages. Well, I decided to test Frog Lube out. I cleaned my handgun with Frog Lube, warmed it up, and treated it again. Then I fired 400 rounds in my Frog Lube treated, dry Glock--with no stoppages. I then taught a class for a bunch of undercover narcs last week-- two days of shooting in the windy (40-60 mph), cold of Las Vegas in the winter--the sand and dust was like constantly being sandblasted. No stoppages in front of the students--which is a good thing!

I just wanted to thank you for the samples and to let you know that, so far, all of your claims have proven true and I am fast becoming a believer."

George T. Williams
Director of Training - Cutting Edge Training, LLC