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I am spreading the word to all my derby sisters and brothers!

Hi! My boyfriend uses your product on all of his guns and has raved about it for years. Swears by it and won't use anything else. I play roller derby and was cleaning the bearings of my skate wheels and realized that I had run out of the over-priced bearing lube that I usually use. He suggested that I use FrogLube. I had practice last night and I swear it was like I had brand new bearings! Smoothest I have ever skated! Just wanted to let you all know that I am spreading the word to all my derby sisters and brothers to ditch their old lube and switch to FrogLube!

~Machine Gun Molly

Three months later after the snow melted I found it in the mud and leaves.

I have a Benchmade knife made of D2 tools steel. I treated my knife with frog lube. One night during a snow storm I received a fire call. I'm within walking distance from my fire station so I always run there for calls. During this run I lost my knife. I looked everywhere after the call and couldn't find it.  It was was my favorite so I was pretty bummed. Three months later after the snow melted I found it in the mud and leaves. I was expecting the worst knowing the properties of D2. I was surprised to find just some rust around the thumb stud and some on the part where my thumb rests. I told this story to Benchmade and they thought I should share it with you. I'm a customer for life.

~J Kuro

FrogLube - suitable for high pressure applications

The question has been posited as to whether or not Frog Lube is suitable for use on an M1A rifle. Several responders on various web sites questioned the film strength for EP use on such an application as the rails and bolt on the M1A.

I would respond that I have used FL in place of Imperial sizing wax for full length sizing of .308 cases and it does very well in that application. This suggests to me that FL is suitable for high pressure applications. I once even tried 80-90 gear lube for this (sizing) and immediately came close to sticking a case.

Chuck Donaldson


Couple of things. First i tried it on several of my guns, FANTASTIC. I've been shooting for over 40 years, I've tried all types of lubes, this in my opinion is the best. I tried something a little different, I used FrogLube on a battlebot, looking for better performance. I lubed the bushings on the shaft of the robot with WD-40. it too 5.3 volts and 1430MaH to move the arm. after disassembly and following the directions i applied FrogLube. i went and measured it again. it too 5.3volts, BUT only 1139Mah to move the arm. this might not sound like much, but it will help in the speed and power I can strike an opponents bot with.
Thanks again

Brian Porter

Froglube-Applications in the marine market as well!

If you haven't already, check out this awesome company. Most of us fisherman tend to be firearms owners as well, and this product is certainly worth giving a shot. I was exposed to Froglube extensively while working in the firearms industry as an armorer and instructor, and have continued to introduce this product to all of my coworkers in public safety and police work.

Froglube is a bio-based CLP (Cleaner, lubricant and protectant). Not only will it clean and remove carbon and fowling from your firearms, but it will also provide a durable, long-lasting lubrication where you need it most. It is also made from food-based material and approved as a bio-based product by the USDA. Best of all, it is a service-disabled, veteran owned company, and everything is produced right here in our beautiful country.

The reason I share this product with the fishing community is that it has many applications in the marine market as well. I have been using this product all season on my Charger 296 Bass Boat. I have used it to prevent dry-rot and mildew on fuel lines and other rubber and plastic lines/hoses. I have used it to prevent corrosion on electrical connections and battery connections. The product can act as an awesome waterproofing agent as well, and even help restore sun-bleached polymer surfaces like trolling motor brackets.

If you're interested, head to or to to find your nearest distributor. And of course, shoot me a message if you have any questions. Tight lines, keep fishing!

Marc Shea
Freak Finder Fishing

..all of your claims have proven true and I am fast becoming a believer

We met at SHOT Show...You gave me samples of your Frog Lube. Frankly, I was a bit skeptical...I've always been a "lube it generously" kind of guy. When the other "I run a dry gun" guys were dealing with constant stoppages--I've had only 1 stoppage in my M4 and ZERO in my Glocks in the last 10 years of doing a LOT of shooting. So when you said, "Put it on, and then wipe itoff," I was thinking, "Oh man, here we go again." I realized two weeks ago that I hadn't tried it because I figured it was going to be another "You don't have to lube it and it will work great" disaster--constant, unremitting stoppages. Well, I decided to test Frog Lube out. I cleaned my handgun with Frog Lube, warmed it up, and treated it again. Then I fired 400 rounds in my Frog Lube treated, dry Glock--with no stoppages. I then taught a class for a bunch of undercover narcs last week-- two days of shooting in the windy (40-60 mph), cold of Las Vegas in the winter--the sand and dust was like constantly being sandblasted. No stoppages in front of the students--which is a good thing!

I just wanted to thank you for the samples and to let you know that, so far, all of your claims have proven true and I am fast becoming a believer."

George T. Williams
Director of Training - Cutting Edge Training, LLC

In 11 degrees and 25mph winds FrogLube didn't let me down

Andy Crout-Hamel 8 Point BuckMy hunt this year was in Kansas, I was told the weather was going to be cold and extremely unpredictable, the weather man did not lie. It rained, snowed with winds up to 25mph and the temperature was on some days 11 degrees. It was so cold my Casio watch was blinking because of the cold. I figured the best protection for my weapon would be FrogLube because of the diversity of the product used inside and out of my gun. FrogLube did not let me down. I inspected and cleaned my weapon upon return after a week of hunting and it still looked great. I'm sold on this product, if it could withstand this hunt it could protect just about anything. FrogLube is simply the best when the weather throws everything at you.

Andy Crout-Hamel