FrogLube & Hunting

Completely sold

After treating my new 1911 with FrogLube I took it out to the range. I ran 500 rounds through it without a malfunction. The gun actually ran better as it got hotter. I then tested it on my waterfowl gun in the harsh conditions of a duck blind. Not a problem for FrogLube. Now all my firearms have been treated with FrogLube. It just works!

Scot Dudman

"I'm a diehard waterfowl hunter"

I'm a diehard waterfowl hunter. Rain,sleet,snow,mud the Mississippi River at it's finest. Just purchased your FrogLube total care kit and treated my 935 with it. Went Teal hunting this pass weekend and she cycled better than she has in years.Used to worry about jamming up in the middle of winter, but with your product I don't see it happening. I'll let you know how this winter goes.

William Forbes

"Froglube is off the hook"

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Ever since we started using FrogLube we stopped having any jams and keeps our firearms clean. This is the only product we all here in R&R will ever buy. Thank you FrogLube in fact this is the only lubrication I also use in on my scuba gear ! Believe me it is waterproof !

Eddie Ruiz
R&R Hog Control

In 11 degrees and 25mph winds FrogLube didn't let me down

Andy Crout-Hamel 8 Point BuckMy hunt this year was in Kansas, I was told the weather was going to be cold and extremely unpredictable, the weather man did not lie. It rained, snowed with winds up to 25mph and the temperature was on some days 11 degrees. It was so cold my Casio watch was blinking because of the cold. I figured the best protection for my weapon would be FrogLube because of the diversity of the product used inside and out of my gun. FrogLube did not let me down. I inspected and cleaned my weapon upon return after a week of hunting and it still looked great. I'm sold on this product, if it could withstand this hunt it could protect just about anything. FrogLube is simply the best when the weather throws everything at you.

Andy Crout-Hamel