FrogLube for Law Enforcement

I'm hard on my gear and Froglube keeps it running.

As a SWAT operator I shoot a LOT of rounds. From my suppressed Colt M4, my duty Glock 17 and 26 backup to my personal S&W M&P fullsize 9mm. With 28 years of LE and 4 years as an active duty Army paratrooper, I have NEVER used a better lubricant or one that performs under even the toughest conditions! I'm hard on my gear and Froglube keeps it running. Thanks for a fantastic product!

B. Sorrells

Three months later after the snow melted I found it in the mud and leaves.

I have a Benchmade knife made of D2 tools steel. I treated my knife with frog lube. One night during a snow storm I received a fire call. I'm within walking distance from my fire station so I always run there for calls. During this run I lost my knife. I looked everywhere after the call and couldn't find it.  It was was my favorite so I was pretty bummed. Three months later after the snow melted I found it in the mud and leaves. I was expecting the worst knowing the properties of D2. I was surprised to find just some rust around the thumb stud and some on the part where my thumb rests. I told this story to Benchmade and they thought I should share it with you. I'm a customer for life.

~J Kuro

The US Armed Forces need this product for their weapons

I am a big fan of Froglube.  I purchased my first batch from you direct and have been using it on a variety of things, not just firearms.  It works great on smart phone and Ipad screens.  Not the screen direct but the protective shield screen such as made by Otterbox.  It smooths up the screen and makes using them much easier.  I am sold on this and wish I had this product when I was teaching Firearms in the US Air Force as a Combat Arms Instructor.  I bet it does wonders for lubrication on the M2 .50 Cal machine gun.  Y'all keep up the good work  I love the product and cannot tell enough to all I know about it.  The US Armed Forces need this product for their weapons.  Break Free has been around long enough and needs replacing.

 Sincerely Thank You

 J. Miller

TSgt USAF Retired, and 14 years Law Enforcement retired

I've seen several "gee whiz" products come and go

Let me start by saying I am a former law enforcement firearms instructor,where I taught combat handgun, patrol rifle and patrol shotgun. I was also a certified armorer. I've seen several "gee whiz" products come and go as they pertain to usage in the field under both everyday carry and extreme conditions as well. Until my introduction to FrogLube, I always stuck to military approved CLP's and lubricants - all with their respective inherent problems and limitations. After using FrogLube for the first time, I was amazed at it's lubrication properties and how it speeds up the cleaning process after firing. Unlike other CLP's, the more you apply FrogLube, the slicker it gets and the easier it is to clean the weapon. I still do not understand WHERE all the carbon goes; it just disappears! I am finding I have no more than half of the residual carbon deposits that I used to see with other CLP's. Plus, I'm no longer required to take the gun down to bare metal with chemical solvents, then build up the lubricants again to keep the gun functioning. FrogLube is truly amazing! I'd recommend it to any agency as a universal CLP for all weapons platforms in the police arsenal. I haven't found any gun it does not excel on.
I plan to switch all of my personal firearms over to the FrogLube system. It just works!

M.K. Hendricks
Spencer, Indiana

Michael K. Hendricks

Not sure what FrogLube consist of but it is magical.

I was able to utilize your product during our past firearms qualifications and I have to admit that I was impressed with it. I cleaned both my Colt M-4 and H&K MP-5 prior to qualifications and almost felt like both cycled better after heating up and cleaning afterwards was impressive. The most ardent carbon build up, simply wiped off! Next step is to apply to my service pistols too! Not sure what FrogLube consist of but it is magical. I certainly will make it a part of my firearms maintenance and will recommend it to all my agents and agency. Once our budget allows, I plan to purchase it for our office. Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to R&D you superb product. 

E.J. Chong, Jr.
Resident Agent in Charge
Homeland Security Investigations

Gun care products for real world applications.

I have been using Froglube products exclusively for a little over two years. I was attracted to its clean smell (I can clean my guns indoors without annoying my wife), and it's properties of resisting moisture, and the harmfull effects from the elements.

I am a patrol officer in a North Texas urban department and my guns are exposed to the elements on a daily basis. However nothing I have experienced has put my firearms and Froglube to the test like the Vehicle CQB class I took in November.

The constant rain of the day turned the range into a mud field.

Most of the firing positions were on the ground. My equipment became covered in mud immediately. While other officers' guns went down , mine never skipped a beat. During the few breaks we had, I would find the cleanest puddle I could find and rinse off my pistol, mags and rifle - all of which have been treated with Froglube.

The mud would wash away and the water would bead like on a duck's back.

When the class was over I hosed off my gear and reapplied Froglube. The confidence Froglube Instills is the reason I will never use another gun care produced.

Chuck Hinton

Froglube "I will never use anything else!"

CLP Weapon Cleaning Froglube Solvent

After finally getting my hands on Froglube, and trying it, I will never use anything else. I have used every CLP on the market and every one fell short...not Froglube! This stuff works and is hands down the best CLP on the market. It is the only product I trust on my weapons.

Joe Stafford

I’m sold on your product and plan on using it from now on

I just wanted to give you an update on how well your product worked for me. I’m my department’s armorer and am responsible for over 50 Sig 229 and 239s. I recently finished my annual armorer’s tear down on all the weapons and at the recommendation of my re-cert instructor, used Froglube for the first time. I detail stripped the weapons and soaked them in a “crock pot” filled with Froglube. The parts pretty much came out clean without much scrubbing. Re-assembly was easier then it’s ever been and they truly seemed to function much smoother.

Shortly after the annual service all of our investigators attended in-service training which included a full day on the range. There was not a single malfunction noted. After over 400 rounds downrange per gun everyone was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to just wipe off the carbon and dirt.

I have since transitioned all of my personal weapons, mostly WWII vintage rifles, over to Froglube. I’m sold on your product and plan on using it from now on.

Thanks again.

R. Waugh
Criminal Investigator

We plan on only using FrogLube which is non toxic

I was recently approving some architectural plans for our 14,000 sq. ft. indoor training center. The architect specializes in police and military range design told me I need to add 25,000 dollars for HVAC ventilation in the gun cleaning area. I said nope! We plan on only using Frog Lube which is non toxic. He was thrilled because he can tell his clients a good way to save money. Thanks for the savings!

Chris Dunn
Covered 6 LLC

I would feel much safer and more confident knowing that people responding to calls with me are utilizing FrogLube

I am in love with FrogLube and have been spreading it all over our department (Milwaukee police department) trying to get everyone I know to purchase it. I would feel much safer and more confident knowing that people responding to calls with me are utilizing FrogLube.

Ross Mueller
Milwaukee Police Dept