FrogLube & Cold Weather

Three months later after the snow melted I found it in the mud and leaves.

I have a Benchmade knife made of D2 tools steel. I treated my knife with frog lube. One night during a snow storm I received a fire call. I'm within walking distance from my fire station so I always run there for calls. During this run I lost my knife. I looked everywhere after the call and couldn't find it.  It was was my favorite so I was pretty bummed. Three months later after the snow melted I found it in the mud and leaves. I was expecting the worst knowing the properties of D2. I was surprised to find just some rust around the thumb stud and some on the part where my thumb rests. I told this story to Benchmade and they thought I should share it with you. I'm a customer for life.

~J Kuro

It was frozen overnight and was soaking wet when I arrived at the shoot location

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 "I just got done doing a 5 day winter survival course with Bill Rapier (Former Team 3) in the mountains of North Idaho. I have been testing froglube extreme pretty hard over the last month and have been very happy with this new product. However I REALLY put it to the test with this course.
My rifle was attached to the outside of my ruck while we snowmobiled up to 6000 ft, slept overnight in snow conditions and then shot out to distance.
My BCM rifle was exposed to windchill, snow, rain, It was frozen overnight and was soaking wet when I arrived at the shoot location. (I was also running suppressed which tends to gum things up extra). The rifle functioned flawlessly after taking some serious elements, crazy enough my new Trijicon MRO failed and couldn't handle the conditions.

Im very happy with the new product.

Thanks again, we will continue to use and endorse your products in our classes."
Brandon Verrett - Verrett's Tactical Firearms Training

My personal cold weather test

Greetings all,
Ive read some bad cold weather things about froglube, well i just had to see. this isn't an "Arctic" environment here in Pennsylvania. So i made my own at the expense of getting the wife mad.
I took my H&K 91 which had already been treated with froglube and fired several hundred rounds through it. so i cleaned it, placed it in a plastic trash bag, left the end unsealed and placed it in my deep freezer, about -15F i left it for a MONTH! I loaded a magazine with my handloads, pulled the H&K from the freezer, there was a little frost on it, and there was a green "Haze" over most of the gun.
I stepped outside on a 40 degree day, chambered a round, aimed down range, and pulled the trigger, the weapon functioned PERFECTLY!! the green haze was gone by the second round after the second round, i just emptied the magazine as fast as i could pull the trigger. I know this might not be a very scientific test, but it sold me!!
Thank you frog lube!!

Brian Porter

This stuff just works, and keeps working

I have been using your CLP for about 20 months on several different firearms.  I have used it on my coyote calling rifle in temperatures down to minus 15, and have used it on AR rifles in temperatures bumping 100.  No issues.

I have used your products during training sessions prior to national level shooting competitions when shooting over 1500 rounds over a couple days.  No issues.

I have two sons that like to shot their 10/22 rifles.  I did say they like to shot, not clean….right???  Both were disassembled and CLP paste applied as directed.  They now have roughly 2500 rounds through them with no significant issues.  One of them has been disassembled and cleaned twice.  The other one gets the major fouling removed from the breech face , bolt, extractor area with a toothpick after each shooting session.  They both just keep working.

AR bolts seem to clean up easier and quicker after using froglube.

I conducted a shooting clinic (small arms firing school) for some soldiers and airmen from the Nebraska National Guard in early April of this year.  Our M9s and ARs were treated with Froglube CLP liquid.  We shot them for five days and nearly 20,000 rounds without incident.  It just works.

This stuff just works, and keeps working.

LTC Todd Stevens

Nebraska State Marksmanship Coordinator

All-Guard Combat Shooting Team - member

I read some reviews about Froglube not working well in the cold but I had zero issues.

I live in central New York and it has been bitter cold this winter. I went shooting last weekend, it was 0° out and -10° windchill. I fired some rounds through my AR-15 which has been treated with Froglube and then threw the rifle into a pile of snow and let it freeze up for a good half hour. I then went to fire the it and it shot great. Wasn't sluggish, didn't jam or have any issues at all. I read some reviews about Froglube not working well in the cold but I had zero issues. I was also running the bolt wet just to try to make it fail but it wouldn't. Oh and cleanup was so much easier!

Patrick Squire


A friend of mine told me about FrogLube a couple of months ago. I was lucky to get my hands on the product a few days later. Unbelievable! I live in North-Central Kentucky, and the temperature has been below freezing for weeks. My wife and I still shoot at least once a week (either crazy or diehard). I've never used anything that works like FrogLube. She used to let(?) me do the cleaning after shooting because of the smell, but with FrogLube she jumps right in with me to do the cleaning. I'll never use anything else! Thanks FrogLube! Like the description I read somewhere (and we know where) It Just Works!

Leonard Macy

"I'm a diehard waterfowl hunter"

I'm a diehard waterfowl hunter. Rain,sleet,snow,mud the Mississippi River at it's finest. Just purchased your FrogLube total care kit and treated my 935 with it. Went Teal hunting this pass weekend and she cycled better than she has in years.Used to worry about jamming up in the middle of winter, but with your product I don't see it happening. I'll let you know how this winter goes.

William Forbes

Excellent product for all weather conditions!

From the hot-summers to the cold winters here in Canada...nothing has performed as well on my clients (or my own) weapons as Froglube CLP!

Excellent work folks!

Troy Mayhew (Lens Fire Photo)
Lens Fire

In 11 degrees and 25mph winds FrogLube didn't let me down

Andy Crout-Hamel 8 Point BuckMy hunt this year was in Kansas, I was told the weather was going to be cold and extremely unpredictable, the weather man did not lie. It rained, snowed with winds up to 25mph and the temperature was on some days 11 degrees. It was so cold my Casio watch was blinking because of the cold. I figured the best protection for my weapon would be FrogLube because of the diversity of the product used inside and out of my gun. FrogLube did not let me down. I inspected and cleaned my weapon upon return after a week of hunting and it still looked great. I'm sold on this product, if it could withstand this hunt it could protect just about anything. FrogLube is simply the best when the weather throws everything at you.

Andy Crout-Hamel

Since starting using FrogLube my firearms are smoother and cycle better, as well as clean up easier.

I have recently purchased a bottle of your squeeze bottle liquid CLP from your only carrier in Alaska. Peter at Matsu Tactical was very positive about the use of this product in out special climates we have. Most lubricants gum up in the almost 0% humidity and -40-50 ° temperature. Rust is also a HUGE factor. Since starting using FROGLUBE my firearms are smoother and cycle better, as well as clean up easier. The biggest plus I found in your product is that my girlfriend could not cycle the action on my older mid 90's model p226 in 9mm or some of my .45's due to the heave spring weight. After one application of your CLP she can manipulate them almost with ease. I will for that reason alone recommend your product to everyone I know and would feel safe putting it on even my mothers firearms.

I would like to know where I can find the stripping agent that I have seen in some of the shot show videos for your product. I have a Chinese sks that doesn't like its cosmoline coating and is in dire need of FROGLUBE. If you could let me know where to order some I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

Matt Campos
Bugout Custom Holsters

FrogLube is working very well in cold weather