FrogLube - The World's Only Completely Green Weapons Care System


Is FrogLube effective for desert, hot, dusty and windy conditions?

Dust and sand are probably the greatest danger to the efficient functioning of equipment in the desert. It is almost impossible to avoid particles settling on moving parts and acting as an abrasive. Sand mixed with oil forms an abrasive paste.

Dust and sand adversely affect the performance of weapons. Weapons may jam due to sand and dust accumulation. Sand- or dust-clogged barrels lead to in-bore detonations. Daily supervised cleaning of weapons is essential. Particular attention should be given to magazines which are often clogged, interrupting the feeding of weapons. To avoid jamming due to the accumulation of sand, the working parts of weapons must have the absolute minimum amount of lubrication. It may even be preferable to have them totally dry, as any damage caused during firing will be less than that produced by the sand/oil abrasive paste. Paintbrushes are among the most useful tools to bring to the desert; they are extremely effective in cleaning weapons and optics. (footnote 1; U.S. ARMY FM 90-3, “DESERT OPERATIONS”, Unclassified)

FrogLube works ‘dry’ as well as ‘wet’. Any excess can be wiped off and the function of the firearm will not be affected,  therefore it will hold up well in a desert environment.

Is FrogLube mil-spec?

No. Actually, the FrogLube System components are designed, manufactured and field tested to meet or exceed the specifications of various U.S. government standards such as MIL-PRF 63460E and MIL-PRF-680. Additionally, the current mil-spec standards do not rise to the stringent safe toxicity levels that FrogLube requires in manufacturing non-toxic firearms care products. Accordingly, FrogLube has been tested and awarded the prestigious USDA BioPreferred Label for their system of firearms lubricants and solvents.

What about natural ingredients, e.g. ‘biobased’ formulas vs petroleum based formulas inside of guns?

Without revealing our proprietary information, we carefully measure the ‘reaction’ of our products inside a gun. Our lube and solvent system complies with U.S. Military and NRA guidelines for gun maintenance. FrogLube’s system prevents oxidation which we believe is a leading cause of variance, such as residue formation (accuracy) and corrosion (rust) . This is what makes FrogLube the best preservative on the market today. It doesn’t react with oxygen. But it does react with fouling. This is a key point that is often missed.

What is the FrogLube Weapons Performance and Care “System”?

FrogLube Solvent™ and FrogLube® CLP

Two “food grade” products have been formulated to work “together” to remove the  fouling byproducts produced in a firearm; this includes carbon, copper, lead, firing residue and other non-specific build-up. A cleaning solvent is necessary to strip and degrease and a lubricant is needed to smooth actions and provide corrosion resistance. Both formulas have been carefully engineered to prevent interaction and residue formation.


How does FrogLube work?

FrogLube is a heavy specific gravity “food grade” mixture that seeps deep into the micro spaces of the metal and acts as if to ‘season’  the surface of the bore, any friction points and all areas treated with the lube. Once treated, fouling particles resist bonding to metal surfaces;  instead, they easily wipe away or brush off the surface. This also applies to other loose fouling particles such as dirt, dust and sand.  FrogLube does not film, nor is it a coating. Instead it is a treatment that is absorbed throughout the firearm.  It is water insoluble and will repel water and resist corrosion.

How often should I use FrogLube?

You should follow manufacturers instructions. Make sure the weapon is unloaded before inspecting for cleaning. Cleaning weapons regularly helps maintain reliability and extends the service life. You may choose to run a bore patch through the barrel before firing or when preparing the firearm for service to test for fouling particles or a blockage. Inspect glide and friction points and cycle the action to check for smooth function.

Normally, firearms should be cleaned and maintained after every use. Apply FrogLube to glide and friction points in accordance with firearm instructions. After firing, when the barrel is hot, is a good time to apply FrogLube into the barrel as the heat will accelerate the absorption into the voids of the metal. After treatment, you will notice a marked reduction in friction and temperature. It is not necessary to do this after every use, but should be done at regular intervals. You should ensure the excess FrogLube is removed by running a bore patch through the bore until it is clean and smooth.

Will FrogLube harm non-metal surfaces such as plastic, rubber, nylon or wood?

No. FrogLube will actually enhance the condition, moisten and preserve these materials.

Will FrogLube remove petroleum products, oils and grease?

Yes. FrogLube dissolves carbon and petro-chemicals on contact. You should discontinue use of petroleum or other petrochemicals as it will conflict with the optimal performance of FrogLube.

Will FrogLube harm after-market finishes, bluing or other permanent coatings such as night sights?

No. In fact, it will serve as a cleaner and will provide lasting protection against oily film build-up. it is Recommended for use and will cause no harm on the following surfaces:
Stainless steel
and painted surfaces.

How do I use FrogLube in cold weather?

Always follow manufacturers instructions for your firearm. FrogLube is designed for arctic use. When you follow FrogLube directions, your lubricant is contained “within” your firearm, not “on” it. You should “winterize” your firearm before the onset of cold temps. Use FrogLube “Dry – Clean” Solvent to remove excess lube and protectant film. Wipe Dry. Use FrogLube CLP lube very sparingly. (more…)