Press Release – FrogLube™ – Revolutionary “GREEN” Firearm Cleaning


FrogLube™ – Revolutionary “GREEN” Firearm Cleaning-Lubricating-Rust Prevention now available for Government Use Audemous, Inc has introduced a new “Green” gun cleaner, lubricant and preservative (CLP) product made in the USA. The product’s food-grade ingredients are also produced in the USA and can be safely handled without harm to people and the environment.

Most important, “This stuff just works”, stated Larry Lasky, former US Navy SEAL and President and Director of Customer service for Audemous, a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Business Enterprise located in San Diego, California. “Nothing I have ever used has cleaned my guns the way FrogLube™ cleans; the barrels are like mirrors when I applied FrogLube™” stated “J”, an active US Navy SEAL and renowned firearms expert. “FrogLube™ must withstand the scrutiny of the most elite force under the most arduous conditions before we will introduce it”, stated Lasky, a 32 year veteran. We relied on the expert opinions of active SEAL operators who promptly extolled the virtues of FrogLube™. All who’ve tried it, have had the same reaction. They prefer FrogLube
™ over the toxic petroleum-based products currently in use. In the end, the SEAL’s gear has got to work or they won’t use it.

Gun owners, military operators and competitive shooters demand a high degree of perfection when it comes to performance. Lasky saw the potential and passed the lube to the SEALs to test; “The results showed it has superior lube and rust prevention characteristics but what really amazed us was it’s cleaning properties.” It simply destroys carbon, tarnish and even removes rust. A fellow Navy SEAL used it on his carbine rifle and made the comment; “Another FrogLube™ success story-mini-14 action was sticking a lot, but put on some FrogLube™ and it now cycles smoothly”. Another SEAL stated “FrogLube™ is the best product that I’ve used”.

More good news; FrogLube™ is biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-flammable. Now, government officials, armorers and gun owners can act responsibly by eliminating exposure of their troops and employees to many known toxins in existing products on their shelves and in gun shops. Hazardous material concerns are eliminated because there are no more soaked oily rags to dispose of, no more need to wear protective gear when cleaning guns, no more inhalation exposure to hazardous vapors in the air and no HAZMAT disposal required.

FrogLube Canon Restoration“My brother and I went after the rust, corrosion and dirt found on a pair of old cannons with
FrogLube™ and after we were done, they looked brand new’!”

Dave Lasky has developed a distribution concept to meet the expected growth in demand for this Green product. “We believe this is only the beginning of the possible uses within the marketplace, not to mention the cost savings of reduced corrosion, increased maintenance intervals, reduced
HAZMAT disposal costs and health hazard avoidance.”

FrogLube™ will revolutionize gun care for years to come and it is available now.

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