Press Release – FrogLube® – New “GREEN” Non-Toxic SOLVENT now available at select retailers

For Immediate Release:

FrogLube® – New “GREEN” Non-Toxic SOLVENT now available at select retailers

AUDEMOUS, INC/FrogLube Brands new Food-Grade SAFE SOLVENTS which are wholly produced in the USA and can be safely handled without harm to people and the environment.

Firearms manufacturers and operators have asked for a solvent product to integrate with FrogLube CLP and to enhance the performance of their firearms and Audemous Inc/FrogLube Brands located in Wellington, Nevada has delivered. “Snipers and hunters asked for a heavy metal cleaner to address fouling residues inside the barrel surface and we have delivered.” says Larry Lasky, Former Navy SEAL and founder of FrogLube brands. “We designed the FrogLube solvent to remove hydrocarbons and copper and lead fouling from inside the barrel surface and to interact with our CLP” explained Lasky.

Testing and evaluation revealed that the NEW Solvent formula also serves as an initial surface preparation to remove petroleum residues and expedite the shift to FrogLube AND it is also the best solvent to ‘winterize’ a firearm-to remove any extraneous lubricant that could possibly impede the firing sequence of a cold firearm. This is a mild-moderate strength solvent that can be used every day and will not harm your firearm’s finish or polymer material.

Released to the market in Fall, 2012, FrogLube solvents along with the CLP products now form the only complete non-toxic weapons care system world. “We spent over 18 months in development, which was culminated in rigorous and tedious shot group deviation testing designed to attenuate the formula to optimize the ballistic performance of any weapon and
ammo combination. We adjusted our formula to obtain the tightest 5-shot group and we optimized cleaning procedures to minimize variance caused by fouling” stated Lasky, head of
product development. As a bonus, and consistent with all FrogLube products, hazardous material concerns are eliminated because there are no more soaked oily rags to dispose of, no
more need to wear protective gear when cleaning guns, no more inhalation exposure to hazardous vapors in the air and no HAZMAT disposal required.

FrogLube® Brands make the only completely non-toxic weapons care systems in the world.

AUDEMOUS/FrogLube® Brands
PO Box 327
Wellington, NV 89444

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