Press Release – FrogLube Solvent™ – Revolutionary “GREEN” Firearms Care Products


FrogLube Solvent™ – Revolutionary “GREEN” Firearms Care ProductsIntroduces NEW Non-Toxic Firearms Cleaning Solvent Line-Up

FrogLube’s new ‘food-grade’ solvents are wholly produced in the USA, can be safely handled without harm to people or the environment, now provide a totally Green Weapons Care System.

Firearms manufacturers and operators have asked for a solvent product to integrate with
FrogLube CLP and to enhance the performance of their firearms and Audemous Inc/FrogLube Brands located in San Diego, California has delivered. “We just completed final testing in Alpine settings and we confirmed that FrogLube Solvent is going to dramatically reduce variance caused by fouling in the barrel through the full spectrum of environmental shooting conditions.” says Larry Lasky, former Navy SEAL and founder of FrogLube brands. “We designed the solvent to mate with our CLP to deliver enhanced accuracy and extended cleaning interval for the single shooter-snipers and hunters” explained Lasky.

FrogLube Solvents are designed to quickly attack surface fouling, baked on or filmed residues
and other metallic fouling such as lead and copper, while protecting firearms coatings, paints,
wood and other materials from the corrosive effects of petroleum-based, flammable and toxic
weapons care products. Frequent use will keep firearms running at optimal performance and not
harm the FrogLube coating.

FrogLube’s NEW SOLVENT LINE UP includes sprays in 1 ounce and 8 ounce and larger bulk sizes. “We make the world’s best weaopons care system which has been proven to eliminate malfunctions caused by fouling, prevent corrosion and increase accuracy after only brief use.
Our solvent has been over a year in development, which was culminated in the past 6 months
with rigorous and tedious shot group deviation testing designed to attenuate our formulas to
optimize the ballistic performance of any weapon and ammo combination. We adjusted our
formula to obtain the tightest 5-shot group and we optimized cleaning procedures to minimize variance caused by fouling” stated Lasky, head of product development. As a bonus, and consistent with all of our products, hazardous material concerns are eliminated because there are no more soaked oily rags to dispose of, no more need to wear protective gear when cleaning guns, no more inhalation exposure to hazardous vapors in the air and no HAZMAT transportation or disposal required.

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