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I can clean my guns in the house and not stink up the joint

I love your product (FrogLube Paste) I can clean my guns in the house and not stink up the joint also, if I get some of this stuff on my hand I dont get all paranoid that its gonna give me cancer or some stuff.

All weather, all gun success.

I've used Froglube since 2012 as I switched from using Eezoxx, MD Labs XF-7, and Sentry Solutions grease. As a LE instructor, I have to keep up my training so I attend training regularly and teach twice as much. With my custom AR and Glock 34, I was training in zero degree weather with snow outside, and shot a qual course six times in a row, with a warm up session beforehand. Neither firearm had a hiccup or issue. The temperature had no effect on the parts. Ever since, I've used Froglube exclusively on all my firearms, knives, tools, and numerous customers' firearms. I promote it to shooters all the time. I keep a small container in my range bag to help in classes and for my guns when out and about.

Matthew Sadoon
Team Life, Inc

FrogLube continues to innovate

I have been using FrogLube for several years. Each of my pistols was “seasoned” new out of the box. They ran smoothly, were easy to clean, and as a side benefit I found every trigger pull was reduced by ½ pound. When the Solvent was introduced, I paired it with the CLP for my gun maintenance process.

A couple of months ago, I began having failures to feed, failures to eject properly and failures to go into battery with high end 1911s that had shot several thousand rounds. I discovered that these guns displayed a “sluggish behavior” when racked by hand. I began reducing the amount of CLP that I applied to the rails (I use a syringe to control amount and point of application.). Reducing the amount of CLP helped, but the issues persisted. I called the FrogLube customer support line and they explained in detail the root cause of the problem and advised using FrogLube Extreme to lubricate the rails of these guns as the frame to slide fit was tight. I did this and am pleased to report these guns are running smoothly.

FrogLube initially introduced the CLP and then the solvent. To meet other demands Extreme was developed for sub-zero temperatures and tight fitting guns. FrogLube continues to innovate to meet customer needs.

~G Shanholt

Used Frog Lube to wipe down 24 long guns in November 2015...

Used Frog Lube to wipe down 24 long guns in November 2015 for "a few months of storage during a cross country move from ND to WA.  A few months became 1.5-years.  I got the guns two weeks ago after they had been in a storage warehouse in Fargo, ND for 1.5-years.  They were perfect; not a speck of anything on them.  Wiped down thoroughly with Frog Lube, sprayed actions with "Really, Really, Slick Stuff", most were double-cased (soft/hard and soft/soft).  I don't write notes like this, but I was so impressed I had to let you know how happy I am with Frog Lube's performance.  Thanks for a great product!    Regards,
R. Jablonski

Cleanup has never been so easy

I went to the range just last week to zero a red dot and flip ups. Long story short your product was phenomenal.  After disassembly of my rifle the cleanup has never been so easy, I have never had carbon come off as easily as this.  Honestly really great stuff.

H. Lock

Awesome product!

I just wanted to say y'all make an awesome product. I bought my first bottle last week this stuff broke down carbon on my .22 I thought would never come off. Thank you! I am telling all that I see about your products. Thanks and keep up the good work!

C. Whitehead

I love this product for so many reasons!

I just recently purchased the Ruger SR1911.  When I went to pick it up (after mandatory 3 day waiting period), I noticed a small display of FrogLube.  Never even heard of Froglube before this.  I asked the man that sold me my gun if he thought it was a good product.  He said back to me "since we found this product, it is what we use on all of our guns!"  Well, that was good enough for me, so I bought the tube of Froglube products.  Today I applied the Froglube to one of my older Springfield Armory 1911's.  I cannot believe how good and smooth my action is just after this first application!  You have a customer for life with me!  I love this product for so many reasons!  Thank you for bringing this product to us!  You Rock!

D. Patterson

I'm hard on my gear and Froglube keeps it running.

As a SWAT operator I shoot a LOT of rounds. From my suppressed Colt M4, my duty Glock 17 and 26 backup to my personal S&W M&P fullsize 9mm. With 28 years of LE and 4 years as an active duty Army paratrooper, I have NEVER used a better lubricant or one that performs under even the toughest conditions! I'm hard on my gear and Froglube keeps it running. Thanks for a fantastic product!

B. Sorrells

If it slides, it needs FrogLube...

Like father, like son. Proud to say that dad made me clean my gun after each use. Now my son is carrying on the family respect for firearms. I have used many oils, cleaners, and lubricants in my 59 years. After trying FrogLube, we are seriously happy and staying with it. On shooting days: his A-R 15 just keeps firing, doesn’t jam like the other guys. The smooth thick texture just stays to provide firing action all day. We use it on long rifles and handguns alike. If it slides, it needs FrogLube. Seems to be a nice storage protectant as well. We are shooting about 15 different guns, three and four times a week, so storage is short lived.

M. F. Boone
Marshall, NC

I operate a guide service for waterfowl and the conditions we hunt in eats guns up...

I love this product. I operate a guide service for waterfowl and the conditions we hunt in eats guns up. Also I shoot USPSA and 3 gun Matches. Unfortunately there is a big misconception that the product sucks and gums up guns. I help at a local gun shop and have seen some of these guns that had issues after the product had been applied. It was user error and I see this alot with your product failure to follow directions. Keep making a great product!



A quick note to tell you that you have a new fan...

Folks, just a quick note to tell you that you have a new fan. I am very impressed with your clp product. I just used it again today (third time used) and I really felt compelled to thank you. It works very well, and as an asthmatic I appreciate the pleasant scent.

Other than my new Dan Wesson and new TV, Frog Lube has been my favorite new purchase of 2016! Have a happy and healthy holiday and new year. Thank you from brooklyn.


PS the folks at Coliseum Gun Traders on Long Island NY recommended and sold me the product.


Complimenting a great product

Just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I debated for some time about changing over to Froglube just because I've always used traditional oil based products. I purchased a new rifle this spring and decided I would try Froglube on it and on a Glock 19. My only regret is not changing sooner. I still have to change a shotgun and another rifle over but tat is forthcoming. Keep up the good work!


I decided to try FrogLube on my mountain bike chain and I was blown away...

Dear FrogLube,

I have been impressed with your lubricant products as cleaner, lubricant and corrosion protectant on firearms. The ease of application and elimination of (nitro) solvents has been plus. I also have found re-cleaning to be far easier than the typical strip and re-apply steps of other products. Carbon buildup literally wipes off.

On a whim, I decided to try FrogLube on my mountain bike chain and I was blown away by the results. Full disclosure, my wife was a world caliber cyclist and I did much of her mechanical work over those years. I’m also a mechanical engineer and have ridden road and mountain bikes for over 40 yrs. I’ve tried almost every lubricant product and most are good for a couple of rides before needing to reapply. This inevitably leads to a wet chain that splatters lighter lubricants and gunking of heavier lubes when mixed with trail dust. It’s easy to tell when you need to lube the chain, especially on dusty mountain bike trails, as it goes from smooth and quiet to dry and noisy.

I applied FrogLube liquid to my mtn bike chain and warmed with a heat gun while spinning the cranks. First ride was buttery smooth and quiet, not surprisingly. Second ride the same. Third ride, same, and I wiped off a bit of black that was coming to the surface with a paper towel - the FrogLube seems to displace any remaining grease and dirt - chain was shinny and clean under the grit, but no additional FrogLube applied. After the fifth ride on dusty trails the chain was still quiet and buttery smooth. Same drill, just wipe off the small amount of grit that was displaced but no need to re-lube. I finally broke down and added a bit more FrogLube + heat after the 6th ride just to get a bit more penetration into the links, but not because it sounded dry!

I’m anxious to strip down my next new chain with the FrogLube solvent and apply FrogLube paste properly right off the bat to see how long it will really last. I’m really happy with the results so far though; best chain lube I’ve ever used!


R. Brenneman

I am spreading the word to all my derby sisters and brothers!

Hi! My boyfriend uses your product on all of his guns and has raved about it for years. Swears by it and won't use anything else. I play roller derby and was cleaning the bearings of my skate wheels and realized that I had run out of the over-priced bearing lube that I usually use. He suggested that I use FrogLube. I had practice last night and I swear it was like I had brand new bearings! Smoothest I have ever skated! Just wanted to let you all know that I am spreading the word to all my derby sisters and brothers to ditch their old lube and switch to FrogLube!

~Machine Gun Molly

I have to say I didn't think these two firearms could shoot any smoother but they did.

I Open Carry, and I let my EDC get wet as I wanted to see how the FrogLube did I applied on the slide, basically my whole firearm..I was Impressed No water anywhere, Not even dried up water spots..broke my firearm down and ni water nowhere in sight just the FrogLube I applied that Tuesday..Saturday took my m&p .40pro and m&p15T out to run some rounds and drills..I have to say I didn't think these two firearms could shoot any smoother but they did..impressed..handgun racked smoother..rifle cycled jams no nothing (but never had a problem with jams before either)..checked both when I got home and not in need of cleaning and relubing the FrogLube is exactly as it was from initial application..and I always breakdown and clean after a day of drills and practice..and the Frog Lube has my slide and every outer part of both my Firearms feel ol Man thought I was crazy when I told him that until he compared his un'FrogLubed firearms to mine lol..I see myself acquiring more FrogLube, Thank You for the sample pack, I'm impressed and luv it so far.

T. Anderson

Best Product Ever!

I have been using FrogLube exclusively for 3 years now, and have broken in all my guns from new with it without any problems. I recently purchased a 1911 and listened to someone that said use oil only on it, mistake, it locked up. Brought it home cleaned it up removed all the oil and Frog'Lubed it. Went back to the range and it fired flawlessly. I should have known better. I also recently bought the FrogLube Solvent and WOW, it works better than traditional solvents at removing carbon. I will never go back to the old cleaners and lubes.

steven howard

Three months later after the snow melted I found it in the mud and leaves.

I have a Benchmade knife made of D2 tools steel. I treated my knife with frog lube. One night during a snow storm I received a fire call. I'm within walking distance from my fire station so I always run there for calls. During this run I lost my knife. I looked everywhere after the call and couldn't find it.  It was was my favorite so I was pretty bummed. Three months later after the snow melted I found it in the mud and leaves. I was expecting the worst knowing the properties of D2. I was surprised to find just some rust around the thumb stud and some on the part where my thumb rests. I told this story to Benchmade and they thought I should share it with you. I'm a customer for life.

~J Kuro

It was frozen overnight and was soaking wet when I arrived at the shoot location

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 "I just got done doing a 5 day winter survival course with Bill Rapier (Former Team 3) in the mountains of North Idaho. I have been testing froglube extreme pretty hard over the last month and have been very happy with this new product. However I REALLY put it to the test with this course.
My rifle was attached to the outside of my ruck while we snowmobiled up to 6000 ft, slept overnight in snow conditions and then shot out to distance.
My BCM rifle was exposed to windchill, snow, rain, It was frozen overnight and was soaking wet when I arrived at the shoot location. (I was also running suppressed which tends to gum things up extra). The rifle functioned flawlessly after taking some serious elements, crazy enough my new Trijicon MRO failed and couldn't handle the conditions.

Im very happy with the new product.

Thanks again, we will continue to use and endorse your products in our classes."
Brandon Verrett - Verrett's Tactical Firearms Training

My personal cold weather test

Greetings all,
Ive read some bad cold weather things about froglube, well i just had to see. this isn't an "Arctic" environment here in Pennsylvania. So i made my own at the expense of getting the wife mad.
I took my H&K 91 which had already been treated with froglube and fired several hundred rounds through it. so i cleaned it, placed it in a plastic trash bag, left the end unsealed and placed it in my deep freezer, about -15F i left it for a MONTH! I loaded a magazine with my handloads, pulled the H&K from the freezer, there was a little frost on it, and there was a green "Haze" over most of the gun.
I stepped outside on a 40 degree day, chambered a round, aimed down range, and pulled the trigger, the weapon functioned PERFECTLY!! the green haze was gone by the second round after the second round, i just emptied the magazine as fast as i could pull the trigger. I know this might not be a very scientific test, but it sold me!!
Thank you frog lube!!

Brian Porter

FrogLube Performs Magic

I bought a new CZ 75 yesterday and was quite surprised when I got home and found the new gun was stickier than an old pay phone and covered in packing grease to the point that I was considering sandblasting it. I thought I would go to the trusty Internet to see what others had used to remove the sticky scum. Yea, that was a lot of help. Suggestions ranging from running my new handgun through the dishwasher to soaking the gun in so many flammable fluids that a meth lab full of smokers sounded like a safer place to be. I decided I wasn't up for the challenge and was just going to hand it over to a gunsmith and have it cleaned inside and out. When I got to the gunsmith he suggested some FrogLube Solvent and FrogLube CLP. I just bought the solvent. I have no sense of smell, so ask if I needed to use the product outside, then discovered how environmentally safe FrogLube products were - that's a real plus in my book. The FrogLube solvent worked magic! I am not just saying that. In no time the gun was clean inside and out. I returned and bought the FrogLube CLP. At this point the gun could be photographed for a CZ product catalog - it looks that good. FrogLube products Performed beyond my expectations.

Kevin Peters

Straight up to point! It is by far the best gun lubricant I have ever used on a carbine rifle… EVER!

Early on my career as a US Army Infantryman, high up on the mountains of Afghanistan, I would yell  "THROW THE CLP!"  Gun jams! Double Feed! Gun Jams!  "Lube it up more!"  Gun jams, and I hear what sounds like steel rubbing on sand paper…. i fixed it.  For 9 years of my military career we had CLP and LSAT cream.  Well, I have the solution.

Frog Lube.  Straight up to point!  It is by far the best gun lubricant I have ever used on a carbine rifle… EVER!
I put 2,000 rounds easily through Roughneck Firearms 14.7 inch AR 15, and another 2,000 rounds through the 16 inch.  I had not one jam, double feed, issue with the bolt not locking forward, or and mechanics effecting the cycles of function.  This is all due to a great "HIGH QUALITY," Gun Lubricant.  To me you have 2 choices.
1. You can use Frog Lube and have a great day at the range with no worries of jams, or the weapon cycling improperly.  Have no worries that in a high threat situation of your weapon not performing what its supposed to do when you need to use it.
2. Use the other brands, and risk your safety due to correcting malfunctions and taking away much needed time to be accurate in a time sensitive situation.
Frog Lube has the best lubricant on the market.  I challenge those who say otherwise. I say that from my experiences, not only as a soldier, but as a Special Operations Soldier having served many rotations overseas in support of our Freedom,  "Its my only choice!"  If it is not yours… GOOD LUCK.
Ryan "DINO" Normandin
Ready Room GraphX LLC
Former USASOC 75th Ranger Regiment

I am 100% amazed with the whole experience.

I decreased my P226, stripped down to parts and applied as directed. Applied product. I then waited 1 hour 15 minutes to settle, absorb and cool. I wiped off remaining product and re-assembled weapon. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly smooth the action was. Like ball bearings made of unicorn grease. I used a trigger pull gauge and had a 0.5 lbs reduction (double action) in pull over the usual stuff I use. I went to the range and spent the day putting 750 rounds through my sig. Here is what I noticed. Aside from a brutally long day, I encountered zero malfunctions. The product sweated out of the metal as advertised and gave me continued lubrcity. The weapon cycled the action smoother than before and felt like it was easier to control muzzle flip. I had zero jams, or any other sort of malfunctions. No FTF, FTE, or misfired rounds. After the 750 rounds of the cheapest ammo I could find I went home and used the clp to clean. I didn't even make it that far. I wiped with a old undershirt and never had to bother with the clp portion. It just wiped clean. I am 100% amazed with the whole experience. I see no reason to change. You have made me a believer, and a loyal customer

My days of trying every new product that comes out are over. Well done !!!

I just wanted to let you know I am a recent convert to your product. It is simply the best gun cleaning product out there period. It smells great, it cleans very thoroughly and very easily. Also it is as good a value as you will find anywhere. I love the fact that i don't have to worry about it coming in contact with my skin. My days of trying every new product that comes out are over. Well done !!!


I've experimented with uses and applications.

I have a few guns and a lot of blades from pocket knives to great swords. All are functional, no wall hangers. Everyone of them has been treated with FrogLube after sharpening. If you have high carbon blades this a must. I have not used a heat gun. I have two other methods. First, In the summer I've found that gun parts or knives work great in a cardboard box in your vehicle trunk with a good coating of FrogLube. The trunk gets very hot and FrogLube soaks in with no effort, no extra electricity, and no added heat to the house or garage. When I do this with larger blades or the shotgun a good coating of plastic wrap over the weapon does the trick. In the cooler parts of the year I use my clothes dryer on rack dry. I cover the rack with microfiber towels and run on low heat. Good for gun parts and pocket knives, smaller machete's, etc. Try it on your leather wallet and put it under the faucet. Water doesn't just bead up. It runs right off. I've also found after a day of box tape cutting FrogLube removes the tape residue better than soap and water or alcohol. No big need to resharpen once the sticky is all gone. Just rub it on and wipe it with a towel.

Vincent Astorino

I have gotten 2 friends, my son and his girl using your product.

I have been using for just over 1 year, and it seems to work as advertised. The first time applying it is time consuming, you have to de-grease the weapon. I used 90% alcohol then heat it up and then apply the Frog Lube. When it cools off you then wipe it down. I applied it twice then I took a tactical pistol class in south Florida, in August.

The class was held outside for 7 hours with 90 degree heat and almost 100% humidity and 2 severe downpours, we went thru 400 rounds.We were soaked. I was using my made in Italy, vintage 1989 Beretta 92fs Inox, My son was using a Glock 19 that was cleaned with Hoppes #9 and oiled with Remington gun oil previously.

Well when it was time to clean them my gun was easier and faster to clean, nothing really stuck to it. I have since switched over and I am now using Frog Lube on all my firearms. It smells good and its not toxic unlike the Hoppes, I once got 1 drop splashed on my regular glasses and they were ruined.

I have gotten 2 friends, my son and his girl using your product.

~M. DeLuca

I just wanted to say its more than a safe gun lube!

     Hi. I wanted to write you guys to let you know I have been using your lube on my weapons for a while ! Works great ! So, let me get to the point. I was in need of some lube on my case trimming tool - the aluminum knob was starting to grind and wear down the back side. Also, when I got to the point where the case was to length, the stop on the trimmer would definitely let you know you were there. LoL. So all I had was FrogLube, so I put a small amount on the surfaces in need and WOW !!! It was a completely different unit. No longer was the knob grinding ! It actually surprised me. I just wanted to say its more than a safe gun lube! I use it for many things such as for my case trimmer, case lube, for my press shafts, moving parts, ect. However now I really have to pay attention to when I'm to depth on my cases because there is no longer drag on the stop ring.  Thank you guys for a awesome product!!!!!!   P.S. smells good too my daughter loves the smell.

D. Wright

Bolt Guns Love FrogLube too

     I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how impressed I am with your product. I compete in the Precision Rifle Series and at the Sniper's Hide Cup in May, a fellow competitor put a little on my bolt rifle. There was one stage at this match that included a moving target that allowed unlimited rounds. Seeing the top shooters at this stage work their bolt I thought "I can't even operate my bolt that fast". After this fellow competitor applied some of the frog lube paste to my bolt, I could feel the difference immediately.

     Having purchased some of my own since, I now think I can keep up in bolt speed at least. I have been so impressed, I have shown the product to 2 others and their initial reaction was the same as mine, and they both now have their own supply as well. So that being said, thank you as I feel my performance in my competitions have improved in part to your product. I will be using you product on all of my rifles, competition or otherwise.

Jeff O.

This stuff just works, and keeps working

I have been using your CLP for about 20 months on several different firearms.  I have used it on my coyote calling rifle in temperatures down to minus 15, and have used it on AR rifles in temperatures bumping 100.  No issues.

I have used your products during training sessions prior to national level shooting competitions when shooting over 1500 rounds over a couple days.  No issues.

I have two sons that like to shot their 10/22 rifles.  I did say they like to shot, not clean….right???  Both were disassembled and CLP paste applied as directed.  They now have roughly 2500 rounds through them with no significant issues.  One of them has been disassembled and cleaned twice.  The other one gets the major fouling removed from the breech face , bolt, extractor area with a toothpick after each shooting session.  They both just keep working.

AR bolts seem to clean up easier and quicker after using froglube.

I conducted a shooting clinic (small arms firing school) for some soldiers and airmen from the Nebraska National Guard in early April of this year.  Our M9s and ARs were treated with Froglube CLP liquid.  We shot them for five days and nearly 20,000 rounds without incident.  It just works.

This stuff just works, and keeps working.

LTC Todd Stevens

Nebraska State Marksmanship Coordinator

All-Guard Combat Shooting Team - member

The US Armed Forces need this product for their weapons

I am a big fan of Froglube.  I purchased my first batch from you direct and have been using it on a variety of things, not just firearms.  It works great on smart phone and Ipad screens.  Not the screen direct but the protective shield screen such as made by Otterbox.  It smooths up the screen and makes using them much easier.  I am sold on this and wish I had this product when I was teaching Firearms in the US Air Force as a Combat Arms Instructor.  I bet it does wonders for lubrication on the M2 .50 Cal machine gun.  Y'all keep up the good work  I love the product and cannot tell enough to all I know about it.  The US Armed Forces need this product for their weapons.  Break Free has been around long enough and needs replacing.

 Sincerely Thank You

 J. Miller

TSgt USAF Retired, and 14 years Law Enforcement retired

FrogLube for knife sharpening

I've been a frog lube user for quite a while.
Love the product. Last night I rubbed some on
an Arkansas sharpening stone that was well used
and somewhat clogged up. The FrogLube lifted the
steel right out of the stone and made it sharpen
like it was new.

I then rubbed some on a ceramic stone with the same results. Lastly I rubbed it on
a diamond stone and that too worked like new. This is a knife sharpeners best friend just like it is

A firearm owners best friend. Thanks for making such a great product.

Matt Daugherty

Froglube is a great product.

Froglube is a great product. I cleaned my shotgun and my wife's Remington Nylon 66 that she inherited from her grand father. The rifle was really beat up, my understanding was that her grandfather shot it and never cleaned it. the rifle was stored in the garage till he passed of old age. When I treated it with Froglube, the action was smooth like it just came out of the factory. My little girl is wanting to help me clean my other fire arms which is great because Froglube is safe and biodegradable. I don't have to worry about harmful fumes around her.

Reynaldo Prieto

Where were you in '06?

I was a paratrooper in the army for 6 years before getting medically retired. As I was cleaning my guns last night, all I could think about was I wish I had this stuff in that sandbox Iraq. After spending a good amount of time out on the range here in dustbowl southern CA, I realized that all my guns treated with FL had a very light coating of dust clinging to it, and that a quick wipe rid me off this problem. On top of that I was able to clean 3 guns thoroughly before heading to bed after a range trip! I have been using this product for about 2 1/2 years now and have yet to come up with a complaint. Being a disabled veteran owned company is also a plus, as I am one. Keep up the keepin up guys! Airborne!

Phi Nguyen

I read some reviews about Froglube not working well in the cold but I had zero issues.

I live in central New York and it has been bitter cold this winter. I went shooting last weekend, it was 0° out and -10° windchill. I fired some rounds through my AR-15 which has been treated with Froglube and then threw the rifle into a pile of snow and let it freeze up for a good half hour. I then went to fire the it and it shot great. Wasn't sluggish, didn't jam or have any issues at all. I read some reviews about Froglube not working well in the cold but I had zero issues. I was also running the bolt wet just to try to make it fail but it wouldn't. Oh and cleanup was so much easier!

Patrick Squire

FrogLube - suitable for high pressure applications

The question has been posited as to whether or not Frog Lube is suitable for use on an M1A rifle. Several responders on various web sites questioned the film strength for EP use on such an application as the rails and bolt on the M1A.

I would respond that I have used FL in place of Imperial sizing wax for full length sizing of .308 cases and it does very well in that application. This suggests to me that FL is suitable for high pressure applications. I once even tried 80-90 gear lube for this (sizing) and immediately came close to sticking a case.

Chuck Donaldson


I have been using Froglube on firearms and mics.,and I am very impressed with this product. Lubed up the spiral blades and the impeller blades on the inside of the housing and the chute on the snow thrower.

Made it through blizzard 2015 flawlessly,and cleanup was cut 95%. unbelievable product!!!


scott amero

I am very impressed.

I have been using your products religiously on all my firearms.  I am very impressed.  It's so nice to clean and lube my guns at my kitchen table without having to use gloves or pissing off my wife with the toxic smell.  I feel totally safe and confident that my guns are getting the best protection against corrosion and fouling.  I clean after every shooting religiously because my guns are not only my possessions but also those of my descendants.  I learned the hard way to not let the FrogLube CLP get into my trigger group but that was my oversight.  Cleaned it with your solvent and problem solved.  I like the biodegradable  ability of all your products.  I'm an avid endorser and will defend your products to any critic.  You guys rule!!

M. Hanard

My Son's Scooter

Good morning, a couple of years ago my son told me that he left his Razor scooter outside in the rain and now the the wheel bearings are seized. He asked if I could fix it. I told him, "I'll see what I can do".

I cleaned the bearings out with WD40 and flushed that out with contact cleaner. I then used a new lubricant the guy at the gun store talked me into. The wheels spun freely now.
My son took the Razor for a ride and came back to me with an abrasion on his knee and said "you fixed it too good". He later said it never felt better.

After that he always wants me to FrogLube the bearings on his skateboard.
I now use FrogLube on my handguns, rifles and shotguns.
I guess what I'm trying to say is "I like the stuff." Thank you!
B. Abe

Best CLP Ever

I have used Froglube on all of my guns since 2011 and I can tell you that this stuff does exactly what they claim it will do. My Sig Sauer SP2022 and XM15A2SPC are SPOTLESS and neither one has malfunctioned.......EVER! I have shot all types of ammo, mostly my own reloads and not one hiccup. If you are looking for a effective way to care for a weapon system, look no further as FrogLube is sure to impress.

Robert Howard JR.
Howard and Sons

I've seen several "gee whiz" products come and go

Let me start by saying I am a former law enforcement firearms instructor,where I taught combat handgun, patrol rifle and patrol shotgun. I was also a certified armorer. I've seen several "gee whiz" products come and go as they pertain to usage in the field under both everyday carry and extreme conditions as well. Until my introduction to FrogLube, I always stuck to military approved CLP's and lubricants - all with their respective inherent problems and limitations. After using FrogLube for the first time, I was amazed at it's lubrication properties and how it speeds up the cleaning process after firing. Unlike other CLP's, the more you apply FrogLube, the slicker it gets and the easier it is to clean the weapon. I still do not understand WHERE all the carbon goes; it just disappears! I am finding I have no more than half of the residual carbon deposits that I used to see with other CLP's. Plus, I'm no longer required to take the gun down to bare metal with chemical solvents, then build up the lubricants again to keep the gun functioning. FrogLube is truly amazing! I'd recommend it to any agency as a universal CLP for all weapons platforms in the police arsenal. I haven't found any gun it does not excel on.
I plan to switch all of my personal firearms over to the FrogLube system. It just works!

M.K. Hendricks
Spencer, Indiana

Michael K. Hendricks

FrogLube works, period!!

I switched over to FrogLube completely after it hit the market and I'm glad I did. I've used it in everything from a 120yr old GEW88 rifle to hand guns and modern rifle platforms with complete success. Also makes AR platform clean up a breeze, great product!!

Julio B.

Fantastic customer service

I just wanted to contact you and say thanks so very much for having such fantastic customer service provided by thoughtful and vigilant employees like Michael Beck. I emailed yesterday with a question. He not only responded quickly but went and located what I was wanting and got it placed on your site today so I could order it now rather than later after Christmas. This is my second time purchasing from you. Both times have been FANTASTIC! I will be recommending you and coming back. Thanks again so much and Merry Christmas to your entire organization. Sincerely, Jeff Van Utt

Thank you,

Jeff U.

I am 76 years young and Froglube is the greatest firearm cleaner I have ever used...

I would like to share my experience with Froglube. I am 76 years young and Froglube is the greatest firearm cleaner I have ever used. I have tried them all, thanks for a great product.

C. Harris

Not sure what FrogLube consist of but it is magical.

I was able to utilize your product during our past firearms qualifications and I have to admit that I was impressed with it. I cleaned both my Colt M-4 and H&K MP-5 prior to qualifications and almost felt like both cycled better after heating up and cleaning afterwards was impressive. The most ardent carbon build up, simply wiped off! Next step is to apply to my service pistols too! Not sure what FrogLube consist of but it is magical. I certainly will make it a part of my firearms maintenance and will recommend it to all my agents and agency. Once our budget allows, I plan to purchase it for our office. Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to R&D you superb product. 

E.J. Chong, Jr.
Resident Agent in Charge
Homeland Security Investigations

I will use Frog Lube from now on...

I've been using Balistol and other lubricants from my local gun shop. After using Frog Lube on my pistol, semi-auto rifle and my 80 year old bolt action rifle i definatly notice a difference!

My bolt action rifle used to have a "sticky" bolt" in some spots but now its smooth as butter. Even just touching the bolt after wiping them down from where the bolt components usually grind against each other its smooth as well. Frog lube has improved the performance of my bolt action rifle without polishing of any metallic surfaces!

I also have a CZ75B 9mm and other lubricants usually grit and grime would build up in the slide rails and you'd hear metal on metal grinding along with the particulates as well. After using frog lube my slide and other parts of the gun seem to run alot smoother and stay cleaner.

I will use Frog Lube from now on because every time i get my guns out it smells like Christmas time. First lube I've come across that smells like popcorn and minty smell after firing my guns

David Armstrong

I was a bit skeptical at first...

Yesterday I picked up a FrogLube complete weapons system cleaning kit. I was a bit skeptical at first, but the reviews and recommendations from friends helped me make the decision to spend $45 on the kit. I have used Hoppe's # 9, Break Free CLP and M- Pro 7. Frog Lube is hands down the best cleaning system on the market. I was amazed at how well it removed lead and carbon deposits on my firearm. What I liked most is this system cut cleaning time in half! I was able to completely clean my gun and have it ready for use in under 5 minutes. It's also a 98% USDA certified bio based product. It's all natural, non toxic and it has a minty smell. Love this stuff and I'm now a firm believer in Frog Lube.

Brent T

Froglube is great not just for modern guns but for the classics guns as well!

I started using FrogLube at the beginning of 2014. I used it on my Glock 23 and Mosin Nagant. My Glock barrel was in a little rough shape it had some heavy fowling from shooting some lead bullets through it. I got it the best I could with traditional solvents that I had and everything I did couldn’t get it any better. After using FrogLube my barrel looks like it is brand new! This stuff works! My Glock is so easy to clean anymore that it takes me about 5 minutes to get it all cleaned off and ready. When using it with my Mosin it completely smoothed out the action on my bolt and also did an amazing job with helping get the cosmoline out of the action, barrel and receiver of the firearm. Froglube is an amazing product and I will be purchasing a kit one my sample has run out completely. Do not hesitate on this!

Billy Fantozz

FrogLube is All You Need

I saw a couple of youtube videos about FrogLube and liked what I saw and heard about it, so I thought I would pick some up.

I took a Defensive AR Class with my new Sig M400, and my instructor lubed up my AR with FrogLube paste. Wow is all I can say!!! I love this stuff and bought some paste and liquid after my class. It makes all the friction go away and keeps my rifle lubed well. Carbon is easy to remove and the smell is awesome on top of all its benefits.

Sean O'Brien

I had my doubts, but not anymore.

I served in the Army for 27 years. I have cleaned lots of weapons. From the 155mm self-propelled artillery howitzer to my 9mm sidearm. Unlike some other troops, I never did mind spending time and effort taking good care of my weapons. I even enjoyed the smell of the CLP issued to us. Now that I'm retired, I still shoot as often I as can, and still have the same attention to detail when cleaning my own personnel firearms. I visited my local gunstore and the owner suggested I try FrogLube. I went to the range and ran 500+ rounds through my favorite AR, went home, tore the rifle down and followed the instructions. It was amazing. I won't say this stuff is a "miracle cleaner dissolving carbon on contact" but I will say 1. Carbon and residue remains moist and wipes off easily. 2. Less time spent on hard to reach areas of the bolt and carrier. 3. Smoother action during extended firing.

Roy Brott
US Army (Retired E-7)

Tomorrow I will clean the rest of my guns with it

I purchased a Mosin Nagant from Turners Outdoorsman. While researching cosmoline removal, I came across rave reviews about Froglube. In the past I have used hopes, and remlube but for this cosmoed Mosin I wanted to try something new and easy.

So I purchased a 4 oz paste container from Turners. I disassembled the weapon, and using an acid brush, just put a good coating on everything.

I left everything Frogged in the sun all day. just before it cooled down I wiped everything with a new hand towel(don't tell my wife). I had put about 1/2 oz on the stock alone. After wiping everything down, cleaning bore with patches and detailing the bolt and the trigger, I was finished and impressed.

What came home with me was a used soviet rifle retired and put out to pasture, This is now my rifle there are many like it but this one was no trouble to clean.

As for the stock I was gonna get a newer one but now I will leave it. 72 year old rifle looks like new, and I only used Froglube, patches, cleaning rod, cleaning tool and a hand towel (remember not to tell) to do it. Tomorrow I will clean the rest of my guns with it.

Mark Strom Jr.

I'm a believer

I have been using FrogLube products for about 4 years. It simply works better than anything I've ever used on a pistol, rifle or shotgun. First, it removes all petroleum product residue from whatever previous CLP was used in the weapon. Then, after heat is applied (like firing the gun), the FrogLube impregnates the metal and provides a long-lasting protection against wear, pitting and dirt accumulation.

I shoot trap, skeet and sporting clays. A weekend shoot regularly consumes 300 rounds of ammunition per day. After 300 rounds, my over/under is still "clean". I still take it down and squirt FrogLube in it... followed by a bore snake... but that's about all the effort required to be ready for the next day's shooting. I don't understand why it works... it just does.

There are non-firearms applications for it as well. Rubber and plastic parts love it. The lid on my backpack sprayer has a rubber gasket that I lubricate with FrogLube. Ditto the lid on my coffeemaker carafe. It's non-toxic and, when used sparingly, is suitable to protect the plastic gears in my meat slicer.

Frog lube does not stain my clothes and does not irritate my skin. I studied the MSDS sheet which the manufacturer submitted to the EPA. I noted the only "hazard" identified with this product is: "If you spill it on the floor, you might slip on it and hurt yourself". My son is a defense contractor and works on the largest military base in the USA. He tells me that the soldiers he works with are all Frog Lube customers. I know why.

Steve Roberts

Retail and web sales of outdoor and tactical products

While Frog Lube works great on firearms, it is also an excellent source of protection for knives and other items that need it. The real bonus is that I don't need to worry when processing food at a campsite that any harmful residue from my knives will end up in my food like with petroleum based products. I recommend Frog Lube to everyone that comes into my store because of the versatility and safety of the product.


Wayne Marhelski
Out-Tac Outfitters

I use it on both my modern guns and my muzzleloaders.

I have been trying Frog Lube on my guns for several months.  I use it on both my modern guns and my muzzleloaders.  The stuff simply does exactly what you say it will.  It is marvelous stuff on all of my modern guns and lives up to all of your claims.  On my muzzleloaders, it is just as great in all aspects escept one.  It is just too darned slick to make a good patch lube for my patched round balls.  That is one place where it is possible to be too slick and Frog Lube's exceptional lubricity is too much for this one specific use.  Bottom line is that Frog Lube is great stuff and lives up to all of the claims.  Congratulations on a great product!

W. Martin

Great product!

I purchased Frog Lube Paste and applied it to my Beretta 92fs Inox as the directions stated. I didn’t think that I would like the mint smell at first ( I like the smell of Hoppes #9) but after a short while I liked it and my wife didn’t complain as she always did in the past.
As I stated I applied before taking a tactical pistol class. The class is all day long come rain or shine. I live in south Florida and the class was held basically in the Everglades, we had torrential rains twice during the day with almost 100 degree weather when it wasn’t raining. We continued to train in the rain and after the rain in the mud. Others had some issues with FTF or FTE with their firearms; I didn’t have any issues even when the firearm was steaming from the rain hitting it. After the class a few of us returned to my house to clean the weapons, well  all I had to do is wipe mine down with plenty of patches and it was clean and shiny again. It was just powder residue on it no sand or dirt, as for the others they had to clean the fine sand and grit from theirs. It took them twice as long to get them clean.
I have now applied Frog Lube to all of my weapons and the guys that were with me are now believers and purchased Frog Lube for themselves.
Nice product!

~Mike D

I am very impressed!!

Hello FrogLube-
As an industry leader in AR receiver manufacturing for both our products,
but for 70 others as well, I FINALLY got a chance to try your product
recently after a event at one of our local distributors. I am very
impressed!! We also coat some of our receivers in NiB (Nickel Boron) and
your product is the ONLY product I have tried that removes surface stains of
that coating from carbon deposits!!!

Mega Arms
Sep 4th, 2014

I have used a lot of other products, none compare to yours.

My name is Don Young I shoot the NSSF Rimfire Challenge.  I shoot the manual class with a Remington 572 pump 22.  I did the whole gun with FrogLube, I was amazed at how it took the friction away.  I went to Maryland state shoot this past weekend at Sanner's Lake Sportsman Club. I won my class.  One of the stages I turned in the single fastest time of 1.81 seconds. shooting against 54 other shooters.  Most of them were shooting semi autos.  That has to say something for your product when a person shooting a pump action can shoot faster than the semi autos.  I was talking with other shooters and telling them about how great your product is, a lot people have not herd of your product.  I bet a lot of them will now be looking into your products.  I have used a lot of other products, none compare to yours.  This year I plan to go to the PA, NY, and NJ state shoots for the NSSF Rimfire Challenge.

Here is a link to the score sheet from the shoot.

D. Young

After years of using different brands of cleaning products I'm finally satisfied.

Thank you for this product!

After years of using different brands of cleaning products I'm finally satisfied. I tried it out on my handgun first. It was awesome to watch the carbon just wipe away from my chrome lined feed ramp where I normally had to scrub or soak the barrel in Hoppes. Long story short, I've since applied to all of my firearms. My dad was curious about it so I took him out to the range for this past father's day. We shot until we were tired of shooting. Came home, broke the guns down. He saw first hand how badass this stuff is. I recently purchased a rifle from an auction. The first time I cleaned it, it didn't seem to really clean up. After putting boxes of ammo through it after treating it FrogLube it friggin' beamed when I cleaned it. It was awesome. It's made all the metal on my guns almost look new. I put it on my wood stock rifles and it made the wood gleam like they were new. i don't know what this stuff is made but you got a customer for life. People at the range always ask me about the gun "sweating" after firing. I try to preach the message to all of em'. Thanks again for what ya'll do. Keep it up.

Josh S.

It's the complete package for me!

I am a USPSA Action pistol shooter. I have been using the Froglube system for 2 months. When I got the system  I called customer service and got the best info and service. Since then I have put more than a few thousand rounds down range, with the same pistol. In competition and in practice. The first thing I noticed my action and trigger are way smoother than before . As the weeks went on I found that my double taps are getting faster! But the best of all, my Groups are Tighter!
All this and environmentally friendly, it's the complete package for me!
~D Mariscal


Amazing Products!

I just wanted you to know I left this review on and on

Amazing Products.

The best

What you get: Each bottle, the cleaner and the lube, comes in a tall plastic bottle with a sprayer. Each also has a lock for the sprayer so you can close off the pump function.

The Cleaner

The cleaner is very nice. it seems to have the consistency of water from a spray bottle but must have some kind of drying agent because it does wipe off easy and cleans very very well. It easily removed all the residue in my guns (I had put about 150 rounds through each before cleaning). I sprayed parts liberally, let it sit scrubbed and dried. I give the cleaner an A+ because not only was it very good at cleaning, it was easy to wipe away the crud and the solvent. It left all parts, metal, plastic, the barrel, etc. feeling very clean and smooth.

The CLP Lube

I applied to all parts and again as directed, it sit for several minutes. I then began to wipe down the parts, It feels like a light oil yet, unlike an oil, it is wipeable, more like a wax...if you spray too much, it does wipe like an oil at first but cleans up nicely leaving a lubed, but not oily feel. So feel free to be a little liberal with will clean up nicely.

Again, an A+ The result. My gun actions, triggers, slides, etc. feel awesome. A+++ Bottom Line, I will be using this here on out...


I was scared of FTE horror stories

I fell in love with the Kimber Solo. The online reviews of the Solo were very disheartening. Complaints of FTF, FTE, and that the Solo was machined with too tight tolerances. Not able to really function until a large break in period.

Dam the online reviews. Dropped the coin for a NIB. Bought the Frog Lube on the clerks word. 20.00 for a tube of it. Expensive I know but the clerk said trust me.

Followed the online direction and took it to the range the next day.

100 round of 124 grain ball ammo with only 1 FTE at around 83 or so. Limp wrist I knew it right away.

I give Frog Lube all the credit. Frog Lube works. It simply does. Break out the hair dryer, paint brush, and micro cloth. You will never use another product ever.

Frank Acosta

Thanks for a Great Product. I’ll be sure to recommend this to all my friends and students.

Growing up with Firearms , we all know that regular cleaning and proper lubrication is important. Shooting handguns dirty or dry (or both) can result in malfunctions and permanent damage. I grew up competing and teaching Martial Arts , Sword and Knife Fighting in Asia most of my life but regularly shot firearms as a kid in Military School. We all grew up pretty much educated with the basic cleaning of a hand gun and rifles with the use of solvents to help remove lead and powder fouling. Lubricants and Solvents were commonly used. However, the overall cleaning process remains the same no matter what model.

I’ve always been taught to clean our guns in a well-ventilated area that’s been prepared for gun cleaning. The chemicals and compounds produced by shooting, as well as the ones used to clean and lubricate, are toxic and should be handled with care. As a Martial Arts and Knife Fighting Instructor, I was introduced to Frog Lube working as a Consultant for the Defense Dept. I never used the product. I noticed that some of my students in the class were using Frog Lube to clean their M4 Assault Rifles. I had to ask what they were using since I didn’t smell the harsh solvent smell that I was a custom to.

I purchased a small 4 oz jar of Froglube CLP Paste at a local Gun shop and also used a sample liquid Jell sent to me from the good people of Froglube to test and evaluate. It’s a 100% biodegradable, non-toxic CLP (cleaner, lubricant, and protectant) that is made from food-grade components. That’s right, “Food Grade”. Its 100% safe for all firearm components and wont degrade rubber, plastic, o-rings, or even polyurethane. This is perfect at my home since I now have Grand children in my house. And seriously, the only thing I can smell from Frog Lube is the Minty Fresh Smell similar to winter green.
The Application process is very easy, and straight forward. All I did was do a simple field strip of the weapon and then lubed it up from there. Basically, you need to heat up the parts. I used a heat gun on the parts that are going to be lubed. I also heated my knives and swords as well. Spread evenly through the parts like butter. I even brushed it onto the plastic parts and handles and spread them evenly like butter.

The bottle of liquid Frog Lube works just like a traditional gun oil and can be squirted into hard to reach places. I also found that the liquid was the best way to send the Frog Lube down the barrel of the rifle and covered every portion of my rifles and hand guns. I gave it some time to let it absorb and wipe off the excess. You really don’t have to use that much but I did. I caked my rifle and hand guns.

At the Range, the magic begins as I see my rifle once again get “Wet” as I begin to shoot. As the gun heats up , the lube goes back into it’s liquid form. No drips or mess. The gun cools back down again the Frog Lube becomes a solid paste once again and absorbs the carbon and grime that came with the shooting session.

The most impressive part of this experience for me is the cleaning process. All I did to clean my rifle and hand gun after each range session was to field strip it, wipe it down with paper towels, and run a bore snake through it one time. Amazing Product and again Smells Minty Fresh. I am completely sold on this as a CLP for all of my firearms. It’s a great lube. Not only do I use it on all my Firearms but I also use it in all my Tactical Knives and Swords. It is non- Toxic and 100% biodegradable and safe to use around my kids and grandchildren. Since then, I got rid of all my Gun Cleaning Chemicals and solvent and I use Frog Lube 100% in all my weapons.

Thanks for a Great Product. I’ll be sure to recommend this to all my friends and students.

Paul Te Prieto
Knife and Kali Instructor & Govt. Contractor

Frog Lube Review Frog Lube Review2 Frog Lube Review3 Frog Lube Review4 Frog Lube Review5

Gun care products for real world applications.

I have been using Froglube products exclusively for a little over two years. I was attracted to its clean smell (I can clean my guns indoors without annoying my wife), and it's properties of resisting moisture, and the harmfull effects from the elements.

I am a patrol officer in a North Texas urban department and my guns are exposed to the elements on a daily basis. However nothing I have experienced has put my firearms and Froglube to the test like the Vehicle CQB class I took in November.

The constant rain of the day turned the range into a mud field.

Most of the firing positions were on the ground. My equipment became covered in mud immediately. While other officers' guns went down , mine never skipped a beat. During the few breaks we had, I would find the cleanest puddle I could find and rinse off my pistol, mags and rifle - all of which have been treated with Froglube.

The mud would wash away and the water would bead like on a duck's back.

When the class was over I hosed off my gear and reapplied Froglube. The confidence Froglube Instills is the reason I will never use another gun care produced.

Chuck Hinton

Completely sold

After treating my new 1911 with FrogLube I took it out to the range. I ran 500 rounds through it without a malfunction. The gun actually ran better as it got hotter. I then tested it on my waterfowl gun in the harsh conditions of a duck blind. Not a problem for FrogLube. Now all my firearms have been treated with FrogLube. It just works!

Scot Dudman

Works Amazing!

I've owned a Kimber Carry Pro ll for a couple of years now and I've always had issues after about 100 rounds at the range. It has always bothered me because I bought the gun to be my carry weapon. After those initial 100 rounds I would always end up with numerous FTF problems despite having more than enough rounds through the gun for the normal break in period. I've tried everything from using high quality mags to even sending the gun back to Kimber. My son-in-law bought me some Frog Lube and I applied a healthy portion to the gun prior to firing at the range during my latest qualification. The gun worked perfectly. In fact, I kept running ammo through it trying to get at least one FTF. It never happened. My faith has been restored into using this gun as my primary carry weapon once again. Thank you Frog Lube!

Private security

Have been using Hopps for years.
Froglube is far superior to any products I have used
in the past.
I will recommend Froglube to all my friends.


I'm a firearms dealer, competitive shooter, former firearms manufacturer Senior Sales Rep, and retired military. I clean & inspect over 100 used guns per year to sell to customers, as well as cleaning customers firearms; we use the FrogLube Cleaning System. FrogLube makes some of them look literally like new and my customers don't have to be concerned if it sits in the safe for years or they hit the range hard for thousands of rounds, their firearm is protected and can be counted on to be reliable.

We test every product before we offer to our customers, and this is the only firearms cleaning product we offer our customers.

Another convert

Most of my guns have never been exposed to any other CLP. Works great and makes cleaning easy.

Recently at a 2 day rifle class at a well known Nevada school, my line partner was experiencing failure to feed malfunctions every third or fourth round in his new M&P AR-15. At the first break he took it to the range gunsmith who cleaned up the bolt and applied some grease. That helped for about an hour, then the failure to feed malfunctions returned.

I suggested lube with some liquid FrogLube I carry in a needle oiler. That got him back in action. At lunch we pulled the bolt assembly and wiped all the parts down with Frog Lube. I added a few splashes in the lower receiver charging handle slot and chamber.

He finished the remaining day and a half of class with only one more failure to feed. I told him how to clean and treat the entire rifle.

Having never heard of FrogLube and with a suspect sounding name, he asked the range master if he had ever heard of this stuff. The range master/lead instructor said it is the only lube he uses on his AR and 1911. From cold, snow, rain, dust storms and general harsh conditions in the Mojave desert, all his weapons work without fail in daily use.

There's one more FrogLube convert today.

Jim Joy

It is the absolute best!

I have treated all of my fire arms with this stuff. It is the absolute best! It took a Remington 7400 "jamomatic" and turned it into a flawless typewriter!

John morgan

Impressive Results

I was at the recent BattleRoadUSA run and gun event this weekend (April 26th) and was introduced to Frog Lube by Jamie Franks who was also a participant in the shoot.

Jamie did a wonderful job showing the virtues of how effective Frog Lube was on several pistols as well as on several high dollar AR rifles, and the results were very impressive.

The overall feel of the slide and bolt cycling on all firearms afterward was very smooth with considerable effort needed by the operator.

I run a full auto AR and will be using FrogLube on my rig from now on, it's a great product.

Tim Hasselbach
Tahco Gunworks

FrogLube Test


     This Spring, I was able to get a hold of a bottle of Frog Lube gun cleaner, and a tube of Frog Lube CLP along with directions on how to properly prep my gun for a first time application and lubrication. It was easy enough-apply the solvent to all areas and vigorously scrub clean. Then wipe down, and apply the Frog Lube CLP- preferably after the gun has been sitting in the sun for a little while or after a heatgun has been used to warm the gun. As you use the gun and let the lube become conditioned into the gun, it will be easier to clean.

     The gun I used for this test was a Windham Weaponry WW15. My WW-15 had an estimated 1,000-1,200 rounds put through it without a single gun related incident. So I was pretty confident in the guns ability and was secure in knowing as long as the lube held up on it’s end, the rifle would have no problem with operation.

     Ok, I’ve got my WW15 lubed up and ready to start my own test. The first one I did was simply lube and toss it in a locker for a month. People do this all the time, and I wanted to see that after a month, it would still be covering all areas equally and not have evaporated, run off from gravity, or hardened up. After the month was up, it was looking alright. It was a little thicker than your average CLP- almost like it has a touch of gun grease mixed in with it. I figure this was just intended to keep the product on there with a decent thickness, and increase its ability to catch and hold carbon build up. The heat created by my gun from shooting should have no problem loosening it up.

     My next test was a simple performance test. I took it to the range and I ran 90 rounds of Federal M183. It wasn’t anything like a mag dump-I was actually just doing normal range day fun, while watching for any issues in performance. At the end of the day, there were no issues had.

     When I got home, I took it apart to do a quick inspection of the parts I could see without doing a BCG tear down, and then I ran a bore-snake through the barrel a few times. I knew that my gun group had a meet coming up in about another month, and a lot of people let their rifles go with far more rounds fired before they clean them, so I just put it away to simulate someone with the mindset of cleaning every 500-1000 rounds.


     Another month passed, and I pulled my WW15 out of the locker. I did another inspection of the lube-sure enough, it was kind of tacky, but it ran pretty good last time so I wasn’t too worried about it. I brought along some PMC X-TAC, PMC X-TAC GREEN TIP, Federal M-183, and put out an open invite to everyone in the group that they could run whatever they wanted through it.

     The morning started out with me grabbing a few mags and dumping them on the Mustang that we had brought out to shoot and blow up at the end of the day. After playing around with it a little bit, I was offered a chance of a lifetime. One of the members brought along a very nice sized stack of loaded mags! 840 rounds after all the mags were dug out. He offered, I double checked to make sure it wasn’t a joke and that I was understanding him clearly, and then it was on!


     At that point, this test went from being a Frog Lube test, to a Frog Lube Torture test. We were firing that rifle non-stop as fast as we could feed mags into it. There’s smoke coming off into my eyes from the oil on the barrel burning off, we have a nice brass pile building up, and at one point-we even had to stop momentarily to swap out foregrips. Apparently, the angled foregrip doesn’t hold off heat so well. Since I happened to have gloves, I was able to swap it out for a traditional vertical foregrip, took off the gloves and then we kept going. In hindsight-ehhh...maybe wasn’t the best move to just go non-stop like we did on that barrel, but DAMN it was a blast! I actually had to keep swapping out with the guy who provided the ammo to give our hands a break. At one point, most people broke off for lunch, so a handful of us stepped up to the 30 yd line to unleash on the Mustang from a closer distance. I took a break after that, and placed my AR on my portable AR workbench so it could cool off.

     About an hour later, I came back and ran a few more shots through it to make sure everything was still functioning properly. That entire day, I only had two issues with it-both were mag related failure to feeds. I think both times it was just a round not seated properly in the mag. For as many mags as we went through-that’s almost expected, so it was no big deal. Once I got home, I learned one thing DID fail on my rifle. I wore out my gas rings. Not really upset-if that’s the only problem I had, mechanically after all that we put the gun through, then I’m doing pretty good. As far as the lube goes-here’s where it impressed me-I had very minimal Frog Lube burnoff, and the carbon buildup was pretty much non-existent. There was one small patch that may have been ⅛ inch wide by about ¼ inch long stuck on the rear end of the bolt, and a small ring around the firing pin , but that’s it! Even the little bit around the firing pin wasn’t as bad as I’ve seen with CLP and far fewer rounds. After the 90 rounds from the first outing, then another 120 rounds I did by myself, and finally the 840 rounds added to the mix, I wound up running 1,050 rounds for this test.

I’m very impressed. In my opinion, Frog Lube CLP performs above and beyond my expectations and I will be a continued user as long as it keeps up it’s outstanding performance.


A friend of mine told me about FrogLube a couple of months ago. I was lucky to get my hands on the product a few days later. Unbelievable! I live in North-Central Kentucky, and the temperature has been below freezing for weeks. My wife and I still shoot at least once a week (either crazy or diehard). I've never used anything that works like FrogLube. She used to let(?) me do the cleaning after shooting because of the smell, but with FrogLube she jumps right in with me to do the cleaning. I'll never use anything else! Thanks FrogLube! Like the description I read somewhere (and we know where) It Just Works!

Leonard Macy

No more complaints

...from the neighbors. I live in an apartment, and the harsh chemicals and solvents caused some complaints from the neighbors when I cleaned several of my guns at once. I have only treated my pistols at this time, and I am blown away how easy clean up is. What used to take a 15+ patches now takes 3-5 once they come out carbon free. Then I reheat and repeat the more burning of the skin and eyes and no more stink from harsh chemicals. I can't wait to see the results on my black power rifles.

Christopher Howdle

Mosin Nagant cosmoline was no match for Froglube!

Before & After, Mosin Nagant cosmoline was no match for Froglube! Froglube to the rescue!

Tim Smart

Great Product

I have been using FrogLube now for a couple of years now. Both on my personal guns and also my work guns.

I am currently assigned as a Sgt. for my department's SWAT team. I have treated my sidearm and long gun and they have both performed flawlessly!!!!!!!! Thank you FrobLube for developing this awesome product!

Jeff Lowe

FrogLube for muzzleloaders

I ran a series of tests on FrogLube to see if it had any effect on the bore of a muzzleloading rifle and to see if it did anything to help keep the bore clean. I used a chronograph to measure the velocity of the patched round balls from both an untreated and a FrogLube treated bore on the same rifle. I found a statistically significant difference in muzzle velocities which told me that FrogLube does, in fact, condition the bore of a muzzleloading rifle.

When the group sizes from the unconditioned bore and the FrogLube conditioned bore were compared, there was a statistically smaller group from the FrogLube conditioned bore.

While shooting, I wiped my bore between each shot and compared the patches from the unconditioned bore to those from the FrogLube conditioned bore and found that the patches from the FrogLube conditioned bore had removed more fouling indicating that the FrogLube conditioned bore more readily released the fouling and it was more easily removed.

After cleaning my bore thoroughly, I ran a patch with FrogLube on it down my bore to protect it from rusting. After one day, no rust was found in the bore. After 5 days, no rust was found in the bore. After 2 weeks, no rust was found in the bore. My conclusion, simply stated, is that FrogLube does just what is says it will do.

Bill Martin

I don't know why I didn't buy this stuff before.

I tried FrogLube after my buddy kept pushing it on me every single time we talk about guns, which is often. I went shooting with him one day and he showed me how easy it is to clean a weapon that has this product in it. It took him about 5 minutes to clean his Kimber 1911, all the gunk just wiped right off with a rag. When he left his kit at my house, I decided to use it on my Windham Weaponry MPC, and my Springfield Armory XD40. The action on both my firearms is butter smooth now. And just like my buddy's Kimber, it makes cleaning my rifle and pistol a breeze.

Justin K.

I was really reluctant to try this product

I was really reluctant to try this product, ......when I finally did I was impressed, I have been a hunter, long range shooter, 3 gun competitive and I will tell u what, get rid of all the other chemicals u have for cleaning and preserving and stick with Froglube, this stuff works!

mario dadian

Froglube is off the hook

Ever since we started using froglube we stopped having any jams and keeps our firearms clean. This is the only product we all here in R&R will ever buy. Thank you Froglube in fact this is the only lubrication I also use in on my scuba gear ! Believe me it is waterproof !

Eddie Ruiz
R&R Hog Control

Smooth malfunction free handgun...

I just recently completed a 4 Day Defensive Handgun course at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Nevada. Before the weekend of training, I took my Citadel 1911 Compact completely apart and applied FrogLube as recommended to all the components. I had only put about 100 rounds through the gun before I applied FrogLube and I figured this 4 Day course would be a great torture test for the FrogLube. I was not dissapointed. The handgun did not have a single malfunction. I completed the course and skills test as a Distinguished Graduate, shot 600 rounds and did not clean my handgun once the entire time! My intent was to run the gun until there was some kind of failure, to test FrogLube... there was NO failure. The handgun is now dirty, but still is running smoothly. I have trained with many other students using 1911s that have had nothing but problems becoming gritty, dry and malfunctioning. FrogLube ran my 1911 smooth the whole time in the hot, dry, dusty Nevada desert for 4 days. Thank you for such a great product!! I will be treating all my firearms with FrogLube and passing the word along to others.

Matthew Sorensen
ProTect Training Academy

My new gun just got its first treatment

Froglube CLP Solvent

Started using FrogLube this year and now it is the only stuff I use on all my guns. I recommend it to all my friends. My new gun just got its first treatment .

steve sanders

The BEST I have found!

I have been using multiple oils and cleaners for a while, but once introduced to FrogLube, I will use nothing else. I was having a problem with my AR-15 not ejecting the steel case rounds (Wolf ammo) and drying out. I tried FrogLube and was impressed with the way it performed. My rifle stayed lubricated and cleaning after 500 rounds was a breeze.

Steve Gordon

The best product you can buy.

Simply the best product you can buy. FrogLube eliminates all lubrication related problems. Clean up is a breeze. All of my customer are amazed with their firearms after I do a FrogLube application. It is the only lubrication product I recommend.

Justin Salisbury
Premier Shooting LLC

I was hesitant...

FrogLube CLP Solvent

I was hesitant to make the transition to FrogLube seeing as how you have to abandon the use of traditional lubricants. But I am glad I did. The stuff is like super lube. The second my rifle comes out in the Florida heat you can see the BCG get wet. It gets your rifle running like a sewing machine. And the smell is a blessing compared to traditional solvents and lubricants.

Joel Belgard

"I can happily report, with absolute conviction, that this is the finest product for metal care that I've encountered to date!"

Froglube CLP Solvent Weapon gun cleaning

I am an amateur shooter and a professional leathercrafter. One of my primary areas of business is custom sheath work for unique knives. What this entails is needing a product that can protect the blade completely from any dampness while wet leather conforms perfectly to fit it, and this week I had an order for a particularly old and well-worn blade that is much beloved by my client.

Additionally, I work entirely by hand and therefore have a large number of tools that are either actual antiques, have tiny moving parts, or see extreme wear and tear (sometimes outdoors, due to events)...often all of the above.

Finally, my partner's pistol had recently put out a lot of rounds at the range from a particularly sulfurous ammo, leaving it full of ick even after a thoroughly OCD cleaning with Hoppe's, and I had recently purchased a used automatic (so even though it appeared to be in fine working order, who can say how the previous owner cared for it, right?). Essentially, we had collectively five different tasks for FrogLube in the first week following purchase.

I can happily report, with absolute conviction, that this is the finest product for metal care that I've encountered to date. (And you can imagine from the above list that I've tried more than a few.) After a thorough cleaning, not only was my client's knife gleaming and rust free, he was pleased that it didn't in any way alter the character of the old metal, beyond filling in the old areas of pitting. For my part, I was delighted to find that several hours of the shaping process left me with no damage to the leather and no need to further oil the blade, as the water hadn't gone anywhere near the metal.

Following this first success, I set about cleaning and polishing my tools, starting with some particularly mucked up antique shears and an old rotary punch. I was so pleased with the results that I was convinced to hit the rest of my toolbox, which at a conservative estimate includes about 6 dozen items (many are very small). Seriously, my tools have not looked or worked this well since I purchased them. Several of the older ones have probably not been in this good of condition in literally decades. Again, delighted would be an understatement.

Moving on to the firearms, the boyfriend and I set about cleaning our weapons. As I said, his was still full of muck after what was the best cleaning we could produce with other products, and mine newly acquired used piece had visible layers of grime and gummed up old grease on nearly every surface. As an experiment, I even did mine thoroughly with the Hoppe's before attempting the FrogLube, just to even the score on our pieces. We were both astonished and impressed by the substantial amount of additional gunk that the FL cleared up. All the moving parts on my A-100 went from seemingly fine to buttery smooth and as for his Sig, in his words, "it looks like it has a whole new finish". I wish I could have captured the look on his face as he said that for you.

So, please forgive the long letter, but I thought you'd be interested to know just how thoroughly sold we both are on your product. It really is excellent, and I am pleased with how much I have left after all that cleaning. A little truly goes a long way. As for the non-toxic aspect, I have to say it makes a nice change to spend a whole night cleaning metal and not fear chemical burns.

Generally I am wary of anything that claims to "just work!", but in this case, I'm going to go ahead and believe you. I've now been using FrogLube exclusively for nearly a year and have never been happier.

Thanks again!

Sharyn Blum
Sharyn Blum Creative Services

"Soaking in Froglube goodness!"

Froglube CLP Solvent Weapon gun cleaning

In the beginning, it was a bit disconcerting to be running the guns "dry" as opposed to traditionally running them wet and full of lubes... It was a total paradigm shift... but after a few sessions at the range, and at one of the comps I joined recently I can say that it really works - so far so good!

No more toxic fumes from the traditional solvents and CLPs... no more worries about handling harsh feeling and smelling chemicals (though it is funny how I smell like I've just had a massage!) No more "leaking' firearms.

Money well spent!

John P.L. Tiongco

"I'm a diehard waterfowl hunter"

I'm a diehard waterfowl hunter. Rain,sleet,snow,mud the Mississippi River at it's finest. Just purchased your FrogLube total care kit and treated my 935 with it. Went Teal hunting this pass weekend and she cycled better than she has in years.Used to worry about jamming up in the middle of winter, but with your product I don't see it happening. I'll let you know how this winter goes.

William Forbes

"The only CLP in my arsenal!" Froglube CLP Solvent, Weapons cleaning

I disposed of everything else after my first application of FrogLube to a pistol, 500 round range trip and subsequent 5 minute clean job. Nothing else cleans or protects like FrogLube, and you can see it lube the firearm after a few rounds.

It proved itself when it cleaned a antique rifle and removed dirt and grime that has been on it for the last 30 years! Nothing else worked and I gave up, now I have a beautifully clean rifle I show off to everyone. Thanks to FrogLube!

Anthony Morgan

"Froglube is off the hook"

Froglube clp solvent best gun cleaner glock sig

Ever since we started using FrogLube we stopped having any jams and keeps our firearms clean. This is the only product we all here in R&R will ever buy. Thank you FrogLube in fact this is the only lubrication I also use in on my scuba gear ! Believe me it is waterproof !

Eddie Ruiz
R&R Hog Control

"Froglube is THE best lubricant I have ever used for my firearms"

Froglube CLP Solvent Glock Sig

Froglube is THE best lubricant I have ever used for my firearms. I have always used regular, run-of-the-mill lubricants that Walmart or just about every shop has. But as far I have tested. I don't think I'll be switching back any time soon. One thing I have noticed, I haven't had any Failure-To-Feed or Failure-To-Extract malfunctions ever since I made the switch. That's saying something about Froglube. Since I do use both brass and steel case ammunition. I will recommend Froglube to my local LEOs. I do hope they make the switch.

Kirk Rodriguez

Amazing Product!!

Froglube CLP Solvent

I always look forward to using your product. I'm always advertising and converting friends and family to use FrogLube. It works great, smells great, heard it tastes good but I'll take my weird friend's word for it. But if your guns could talk they would agree. I highly recommend this product and I will never use any other brand.

Dillon Hall

I'm dumping Hoppe's and Break-Free!

Froglube CLP Solvent

I was skeptical at first, but finally decided to jump in and give it a try. So far I have not been disappointed and loving it. Cleaning is so much easier and much less time consuming. Smells great and easy to get rid of your hands. I'm dumping Hoppe's and Break-Free!

Jorge A. Yu Chung

Remington 1100 shotgun ready for post range bath. It has never known any other CLP.

Froglube CLP

Remington 1100 shotgun ready for post range bath. It has never known any other CLP.

James Joy

"Clean Product!"

I changed all my weapons over to FrogLube about a year ago and have experienced excellent results. Easy to use - no harsh chemicals - excellent results. After a day at the range I proceeded to clean all weapons to store. As I wrapped up the worst happened. My hands had FrogLube on them and I grabbed a rag from the case. A pair of very sharp scissors proved to be as sharp as advertised! A pretty significant injury resulted. I properly cleaned and dressed the wound. 24 hours later not only is the wound clean I didn't experience any stinging or infection which I am certain the harsh products would not have been so pleasing. Thanks for making a safe clean product. Injuries happen and I can say FrogLube did not deliver any negative results.

Craig Sullivan
Patriot Clean Fuel

FrogLube you made lubing and clean up a whole lot easier

I have been using FrogLube for about a year or so It works great just as advertised .I use it on my AR and my pistols . Thanks Frog Lube you made lubing and clean up a whole lot easier .

Tom krakowka

Froglube- "Nothing else..... ever!"

I have been having a problem with a .22 LR semi-auto. I was trying it out, after I polished the feeder ramp. It was better, but still not right. The fellow next to me stuck up a conversation, and he noted my struggle. He asked if I ever used FrogLube. I had read about it in a magazine, but had not tried it. He broke out a bottle, and asked me if he could lube my pistol. I consented, and he soaked the rails, bolt face, extractor, and magazine. He rapid cycled the magazine and slide about 20 times, re-lubed , re-cycled, and wiped the exterior down. Talking about a BIG improvement. 1 problem in the next 20 shots. He went through the drill again. and I shot the rest of the day without a single malfunction.

I have purchased FrogLube for myself and some shooting friends. Nothing else...... ever.

Richard Odefey

Froglube "I will never use anything else!"

CLP Weapon Cleaning Froglube Solvent

After finally getting my hands on Froglube, and trying it, I will never use anything else. I have used every CLP on the market and every one fell short...not Froglube! This stuff works and is hands down the best CLP on the market. It is the only product I trust on my weapons.

Joe Stafford

I love FrogLube

I love Froglube and so does my Wife, she says it doesn't smell bad like my other cleaners.

Geoffrey Bullard

Froglube - My Customers Love It

Being a company that prides itself in only carrying quality products, I will say FrogLube definitely fits the bill! All of my customers love it. Especially after the second application and then the ease of use begins! Easy to apply and it makes future cleanings so much easier. Smells good too, lol. Thanks for making such a great product !!

Sean Watlington
Pistol Life

Top notch product


When we first heard of FrogLube we thought it'll be the same as the others. Boy were we wrong. Not only does it clean and leave a nice coat on your firearm, it last longer than any other product we ever tried. And the fact that it doesn't have your wife/girlfriend complaining that it stinks up the house is a major plus. New guns, old guns, it doesn't matter. FrogLube is the only thing we use when it comes to cleaning firearms. #1

Brandon Griffie
PA firearm trader

Froglube-Applications in the marine market as well!

If you haven't already, check out this awesome company. Most of us fisherman tend to be firearms owners as well, and this product is certainly worth giving a shot. I was exposed to Froglube extensively while working in the firearms industry as an armorer and instructor, and have continued to introduce this product to all of my coworkers in public safety and police work.

Froglube is a bio-based CLP (Cleaner, lubricant and protectant). Not only will it clean and remove carbon and fowling from your firearms, but it will also provide a durable, long-lasting lubrication where you need it most. It is also made from food-based material and approved as a bio-based product by the USDA. Best of all, it is a service-disabled, veteran owned company, and everything is produced right here in our beautiful country.

The reason I share this product with the fishing community is that it has many applications in the marine market as well. I have been using this product all season on my Charger 296 Bass Boat. I have used it to prevent dry-rot and mildew on fuel lines and other rubber and plastic lines/hoses. I have used it to prevent corrosion on electrical connections and battery connections. The product can act as an awesome waterproofing agent as well, and even help restore sun-bleached polymer surfaces like trolling motor brackets.

If you're interested, head to or to to find your nearest distributor. And of course, shoot me a message if you have any questions. Tight lines, keep fishing!

Marc Shea
Freak Finder Fishing

New or old, it's worked so far in all of my firearms.

I've used Froglube in all of my firearms. From my Brand new M&P40, to my 1970 S&W Mod. 60, to my 1943 Mosin-Nagant, and soon to my 1946 Remington Model 11. It has not once failed to deliver as advertised. Sometimes I open a bottle of the old stuff and sit out while working on them just to be nostglic.

FrogLube Testimonial and Review by

Froglube CLP

Over the last few months, I’ve gotten several emails asking me if I’d ever used FrogLube. At the time, the only response I could give was in the negative, because I hadn’t. But eventually, I got enough requests for a review that I decided I should give it a shot.

So I called the fine folks at FrogLube, and they were kind enough to send me out some samples of their product.

Boy, what a product it is.

For those of you who aren’t aware, FrogLube is a plant-based, non-toxic, non-petroleum, non-flammable, biodegradable, American made cleaning, lubricating, and protecting product for firearms. Oh, and it’s also USDA Certified Biobased, and FDA certified food grade.

Oh, and it smells awesome.

But, does it work?

Hell yes it works.

But it only works if you follow the damn instructions for application. As long as you can do that, I think you’ll find, like I did, that it is the greatest gun cleaner/lube to have ever been brought to market. It’s not the first plant-based CLP, and it probably won’t be the last. But the difference between this one and others I’ve tried is that it actually works. And it doesn’t just work, it works exceedingly well.

I’ve tried just about every CLP product on the market. I love trying new stuff. But what has always happened in the past is that I try something new a couple or three times, find it doesn’t work as well as my old friend Hoppes, and just go back to that.

Not anymore.

As long as they keep making this stuff, and as long as they don’t change the formula, and as long as it keeps working, I’ll keep using FrogLube.

It really is just that good.

And no, I’m not a paid spokesman, but I damn well would be if they asked. They wouldn’t even have to pay me a lot.


FrogLube AR UK Testimonial

Froglube CLP

FrogLube is an amazing product and I would never use any other product, I would recommend any other person to get this product it even leaves your precision instrument smelling fresh and clean let alone functioning like a dream, it's also great to have this product available to us English folk lol, my AR loves the stuff!

Daniel Cardy

1896 Mosin-Nagant

Just finished cleaning my 1896 Mosin-Nagant decided to use Froglube this time since I was having a sticky bolt. Amazingly the bolt doesn't stick any more. I must of been cleaning it wrong all this time. Funny thing is, the only this different to my cleaning procedure is the new Froglube I've just started using. Thanks for a great product !!!

Antonio Silveira

Love me some Frog Lube

I only recently (this year) got back into shooting. Always before my husband cleaned our guns and I just carried the gun and shot at the range. But this year I started a chapter of The Well Armed Woman and I decided that I needed to be responsible for my own gun. We had lost all our guns in a house fire and I went to find "my own gun" to start with. I fell in love with the Ruger SR9c and it is my go to gun to shoot. It was too large to carry concealed so I went in search of another gun to carry. I went with the Ruger LC9. Then I decided I wanted to become a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor so I wanted a 22 to certify with. I found a Sig 22 Mosquito. And that is really where FrogLube comes in. That little mosquito is very picky with ammo and will not kick the brass out unless it is CCI mini mag. And it has to be cleaned with FrogLube. FrogLube keeps it lubricated so well and the brass comes right out if I use Frog Lube and keep it clean. Gotta have my FrogLube. My FrogLube rep came to my chapter meeting and helped my ladies in the chapter clean their guns... I have converted almost all of them to FrogLube. Plus it smells so good.I wouldn't clean my guns with anything but FrogLube! My guns get only the best.

LaDonna Lowe


I am a FrogLube dealer and cater to law enforcement exclusively they swear by it... so do I. Awesome stuff nice smell.

David Brierley
Total control cpl/firearms sales

I have been using FrogLube for about 2 years...

I have been using FrogLube for about 2 years. It is hands down the best CLP I have used. I work in Armed Security/Law Enforcement and I trust my life to my firearms. In my yearly qualifications this past March I was the only Agent that didn't have a single malfunction through out the entire course I thank FrogLube for this success.

I also recently used FrogLube Solvent and CLP to do a full detail cleaning on my Sig Sauer P229 that I purchased used several years ago and it now looks like a brand new gun if you ignore the holster wear.

If you care about your firearms give FrogLube a try you will be impressed.

Matt Boardley

Just our knives, my Grandson and me, and we make pretty good company.

My Grandson Logan Heath Gibson may only be turning two year's old in three months, but this boy has already developed a love for Knives that took me years to acquire. However, I've only gotten serious about my collecting in the past year. That's been a year that has taught me several things, but most importantly I've learned that "FrogLube" is Non-Toxic !!!! And with this new little knife lover, for that I'm thankful. Recently, after lubing my ZT-0560 CBCF, Logie, who was secretly watching me, proudly presented his knife, (only plastic), for his turn at being "FrogLubed"... And, since I know and trust FrogLube, I never thought twice. Thanks FrogLube, for bridging generations of knife lovers, beginning at the age of one and continuing through 51 and beyond. Logie and I love your product. 🙂

Mark Allen McClain

Then came FrogLube...

I'm not a Navy Seal, or a man of blue. I'm just a regular guy, who likes to shoot. I don't own an arsenal, and don't have a room for my guns. Just a little cabinet with my toys. Cleaning my guns was a sort of...meditation. After an afternoon of shooting, sitting down and catching up on some crappy TV and disassembling my firearms to clean them was a type of therapy.

Then, that therapy got monotonous. And then infuriating.

With other oil, and CLP type protects, I never had a malfunction in a level. The protects works...but the cleaning didn't. What was once a treasured alone time became moments of dread and annoyance.

Then came FrogLube. I am always one to try different things, and see what happens. So, I striped my M&P 9mm, cooked it in the oven for a for seconds to get all parts nice and warm, and slathered on the green stuff. The smell was pleasant (my wife could sit next to me and watch TV with my while I worked), and it acted like I was told it would.

That weekend I shot a lot of rounds (for me at least). Came home and thought about my "me" time. Sitting down, TV on, I brought the micro fiber towel like the instructions said, and just was ready to go to town. I was amazed. The grime, the soot, the build up, the residue...just....disappeared. Gone. No toothpicks, no cotton swabs, no soaking parts its in a solution that could kill rats. It just wiped away with a cloth.

I was sold.

I have recommended this product to every one I know. My father has fully switched, my cousin who is Boarder Patrol has fully switched. All my friends, and even a coworker or two has all switched. I have bought more bottles of FrogLube for other people than I have for myself.

This is a legit product, that stacks up against every single one of their claims.

It is, and will continue to be, the only gun CLP product that I use for my beloved toys.

Thanks FrogLube...I can now watch more crappy TV and less time cleaning my guns!!

Mike Stone

Pawn Shop - Gun Shop

We ordered in a small case of Froglube as a test product. We've completely replaced Hoppes and RemOil with it, it cleans better, without the harmful petrochemicals. Great stuff, and worth every penny.

Michael A. Rakestraw
A Loan At Last

Froglube on all my rifles & guns

I've been using Froglube now for over a year after a demo at a local range. Curious after asking about it and not having a nasty chemical smell from breakfree and normal gun lubes, I figured it was worth giving it a try.
After putting Froglube on my 2 Glocks, xm-15 and Sig716 I was very happy with how easily the next cleaning was. Hearing the testimonies of "just wipe it down" seemed to good to be true, but it is.
I love being able to shoot an IDPA, GSSF or USPSA match, go home and use a microfiber cloth wipe it down if I'm being lazy or do a complete cleaning taking rarely more than 15 minutes for the handgun and less than 30 for the rifles.

I had a new Kriss Vector that was almost impossible to move the charging handle due to all the manufacturing grease but after the first heat soak it glided back with 2 fingers. Many of the problems people report with the Vector I just don't have.

Even the nastiest gunpowder from reload cheap rounds wipes down and cleaning time doesn't change. First thing I do with every new gun/rifle (well if I don't shoot it first) is to remove the grease/oils and FROGLUBE IT.

Derrick Baxter

Excellent product for all weather conditions!

From the hot-summers to the cold winters here in Canada...nothing has performed as well on my clients (or my own) weapons as Froglube CLP!

Excellent work folks!

Troy Mayhew (Lens Fire Photo)
Lens Fire

I am a shooter not a cleaner...

I have used FrogLube products for well over a year now. I am a shooter not a cleaner.. That's why FrogLube is perfect for me. It takes a little bit of time initially to FrogLube your firearm, but after that it's good to go. I currently run FrogLube on all of my firearms and don't see me ever going back to oil based lubricants. THE STUFF JUST WORKS!!

Matthew Kressley
Blue Jean Operators

Rain or shine...

Rain or shine, FrogLube gets the job done. I was able to win the GA State USPSA Championship in Single Stack this weekend and my gun ran flawlessly. Even after shooting in the pouring rain and then putting the gun in a humid bag overnight, it's smooth and rust-free! Thanks FrogLube for your support and for amazing products.

Randy Arrowood

Thanks a lot FrogLube!

Just wanted to post here that I've been using FrogLube for a couple months now since my friends at Ann Arbor Arms introduced me to it. So far, FrogLube works great! Keeps my firearms looking great when they are stored away and more importantly keeps them firing properly when I'm on the range. FrogLube has also greatly reduced my cleaning time. Makes it a breeze, just heat up the barrel a bit and wipe away all that gunk! And with each applications of FrogLube the cleaning becomes easier and easier. Plus the wife now allows me to clean my guns inside since there is no foul odor coming from my cleaning kit like the other solvents. FrogLube stays with me on my plate carrier for training and I keep some in my gun bag as well as my home cleaning kit. Thanks a lot FrogLube!

Jeff Lampley

I strongly recommend switching to FrogLube as the only weapons care product for combat units

My unit (USN SEAL element) was deployed to a very active combat area where we encountered frequent contacts with the enemy. When we were engaged, we returned fire using our assigned FN SCAR "heavy" rifles (Mk-17). During these engagements, we encountered a too common malfunction which prevented semi-auto firing and we would have to manually cycle the bolt in between successful shots. We tried cleaning with our petroleum CLP, but this did not eliminate the malfunctions. An operator in our unit recommended we try FrogLube. We started by applying some lube to the rails of the SCARs. Immediately after we began using the FrogLube, the malfunctions disappeared & the guns just ran without a problem. I strongly recommend switching to FrogLube as the only weapons care product for combat units.


Guys who are using FrogLube in their barrels are having ZERO jams

Guys who are using FrogLube in their barrels are having ZERO jams, both with SRTA barrels and rounds and regular M4. The M4 is famous for stoppages, but mine has been performing flawlessly after 800 rounds and no cleaning whatsoever. My pistol has likewise been basted in FrogLube and ZERO stoppages. Dudes are coming over from other ranges to find me and my little white canister of FrogLube™ that I keep in my H gear.

US Navy SEAL Platoon Chief

... it breaks down carbon and fouling like nothing I have ever seen

I just purchased Froglube after seeing it on youtube in a Chris Costa video. I had my doubts, so I asked around and found some fellow shooters using the product with nothing but great things to say. I cleaned and lubed all my weapons per the instructions with Froglube and shot two of them for the first time today. It is just amazing. My guns were "dry" and as they heated up, they became "wet" with lube. Not a single failure in two hours of shooting and the weapons were a snap to clean and reapply once I got home. I am throwing out all my petroleum products this evening. No smell, no mess, and it breaks down carbon and fouling like nothing I have ever seen. I would not be surprised if this does not put the other products out of business. Thanks for such a great product!!!

Fly Navy!

I taught Tactical Rifle in Victoria Texas the past weekend and shared my Frog Lube with some shooters

I taught Tactical Rifle in Victoria Texas the past weekend and shared my Frog Lube with some shooters. By the time we shot 1000 rounds each in tough conditions everyone was applying FrogLube™ to ALL their equipment. Hoffners is a proud distributor of FrogLube™.

We will have it on the website very soon but you can get yours now 281-855-8800, Dealers, set up your accounts 281-855-8800. IT JUST WORKS" You will be amazed by what it does.

Brian Hoffner
Hoffners LTD

..clean ups are quicker and more effective, along with a reduced amount of wear on parts

My name is Derek Ream and I am a competitive shooter in central Pennsylvania. I have been shooting for about 19 years. I compete in multiple disciplines including but not limited to; Trap, Sporting Clays, 5-Stand, big-bore bullseye, 3-gun tactical, and tactical pistol. I shoot up to 7 days a week, but a normal average of 3 days per week.

I just wanted to write to you saying that have had excellent results with your product (FrogLube (Liquid)). I have found that clean ups are quicker and more effective, along with a reduced amount of wear on parts compared to some other products. The fact that it is totally safe to handle with no gloves is a great point. And to be perfectly honest, I enjoy the smell a great deal over other CLPs that I have used in the past. A prime example would be Breakfree. It's a good product, but the smell makes me not want to use it.

So in a nut shell, that you for producing a great product!

Derek Ream
Competitive Shooter

I’m sold on your product and plan on using it from now on

I just wanted to give you an update on how well your product worked for me. I’m my department’s armorer and am responsible for over 50 Sig 229 and 239s. I recently finished my annual armorer’s tear down on all the weapons and at the recommendation of my re-cert instructor, used Froglube for the first time. I detail stripped the weapons and soaked them in a “crock pot” filled with Froglube. The parts pretty much came out clean without much scrubbing. Re-assembly was easier then it’s ever been and they truly seemed to function much smoother.

Shortly after the annual service all of our investigators attended in-service training which included a full day on the range. There was not a single malfunction noted. After over 400 rounds downrange per gun everyone was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to just wipe off the carbon and dirt.

I have since transitioned all of my personal weapons, mostly WWII vintage rifles, over to Froglube. I’m sold on your product and plan on using it from now on.

Thanks again.

R. Waugh
Criminal Investigator

We plan on only using FrogLube which is non toxic

I was recently approving some architectural plans for our 14,000 sq. ft. indoor training center. The architect specializes in police and military range design told me I need to add 25,000 dollars for HVAC ventilation in the gun cleaning area. I said nope! We plan on only using Frog Lube which is non toxic. He was thrilled because he can tell his clients a good way to save money. Thanks for the savings!

Chris Dunn
Covered 6 LLC

I would feel much safer and more confident knowing that people responding to calls with me are utilizing FrogLube

I am in love with FrogLube and have been spreading it all over our department (Milwaukee police department) trying to get everyone I know to purchase it. I would feel much safer and more confident knowing that people responding to calls with me are utilizing FrogLube.

Ross Mueller
Milwaukee Police Dept

FrogLube is freakin awesome!

FrogLube is freakin awesome! I used the Otis Special Forces Dry Lube, on my M4 and my M9 while I was in Afghanistan. After using FrogLube on my Springfield XDm-9, at home, I have to say it does a far better job at keeping my pistol clean and protected than the Otis product.

David Roberson

In my fourteen years as a armorer I have never encountered a product as versatile and effective as FrogLube

In my fourteen years as a armorer I have never encountered a product as versatile and effective as FrogLube. As I’m sure that you and most folks with your level of small arms experience are aware different weapons systems can require a wide range of lubricants to operate reliably in diverse environments. To date I have used FrogLube on 36 different weapon systems, all of which showed a tremendous increase in reliability in side by side comparison with lubricants such as CLP, LSA, and TM-25 just to name a few. FrogLube’s ability to penetrate and bond to different metals, alloys, and finishes creates a friction free surface that improves functionality while simultaneously reducing wear on moving parts and increasing the weapon’s lifespan. But perhaps most impressive is FrogLube’s ability to clean with the power of a solvent and even repel carbon buildup and corrosion within the first few applications, all without the storage and handling constraints associated with a dry-cleaning solvent. Thanks this truly awesome product.

Nicholas Peters
GMC (Armory LCPO)

I've given samples to all the team guys in 3 different LCEs

Thanks again brother, I've given samples to all the team guys in 3 different LCEs in southern PI, ODA 113, 3rd Marine Recon Batt, and Army CA. All are impressed and putting it good use.

SOF troops 'downrange

..all of your claims have proven true and I am fast becoming a believer

We met at SHOT Show...You gave me samples of your Frog Lube. Frankly, I was a bit skeptical...I've always been a "lube it generously" kind of guy. When the other "I run a dry gun" guys were dealing with constant stoppages--I've had only 1 stoppage in my M4 and ZERO in my Glocks in the last 10 years of doing a LOT of shooting. So when you said, "Put it on, and then wipe itoff," I was thinking, "Oh man, here we go again." I realized two weeks ago that I hadn't tried it because I figured it was going to be another "You don't have to lube it and it will work great" disaster--constant, unremitting stoppages. Well, I decided to test Frog Lube out. I cleaned my handgun with Frog Lube, warmed it up, and treated it again. Then I fired 400 rounds in my Frog Lube treated, dry Glock--with no stoppages. I then taught a class for a bunch of undercover narcs last week-- two days of shooting in the windy (40-60 mph), cold of Las Vegas in the winter--the sand and dust was like constantly being sandblasted. No stoppages in front of the students--which is a good thing!

I just wanted to thank you for the samples and to let you know that, so far, all of your claims have proven true and I am fast becoming a believer."

George T. Williams
Director of Training - Cutting Edge Training, LLC

He rubbed the FrogLube on it with his hand and it started to ditch the rust

Some dude from HI showed up at Hoffner's International Class with a semi shotgun that was water soaked in transit. It was 'brown' with rust. Hoff said it didn't even function. He rubbed the FL on it with his hand and it started to ditch the rust. The gun then started to work again.
The guy shot it all day and by the end of the day, looked "like new".

Hoffner's Academy

FrogLube has saved our skins a couple of times

CPL Bremer FrogLube Testimonial

CPL Bremer

I am now a believer and will order a bulk supply ASAP

I have just returned from the Veteran’s Carbine class at Gunsite where I fired around 1300 rounds through my M4 carbine. The temperature stayed around 95-98 degrees and was dry and dusty. Anyone that has ever attended a Gunsite course can attest to the fact that the guns get put through their paces. I have been using your FrogLube since meeting you guys at the SHOT show this year in Las Vegas. This was the first time I was able to really test it out. I experienced zero malfunctions during the class.

I made sure the other Vets in the class, some of which will return to the sand box, were all familiar with the product. I am now a believer and will order a bulk supply ASAP.

Thanks for a great product!

Paul Turpin
MSG (Ret)

As SWAT operator and breacher, I must say this stuff is by far the best stuff I’ve ever used

I bought Froglube over a year ago after another gentleman saw my weapons drying up and having feeding issues in this ridiculously 115+ heat in Palm Springs, CA. So I put my new Springfield 308, AR-15, MP-5’s and handguns to a yearlong test.

As SWAT operator and breacher, I must say this stuff is by far the best stuff I’ve ever used. I just wish I meet the guy who told me about Froglube to thank him. In my line of work, my weapons have to work not only for the safety of the public and my partners but mine as well. I have put thousands of rounds through these weapons and not had any failures with ANY of them. Even after cleaning the weapons I noticed the weapons operate smoother. The cleaning is so much easier and I really like that I don’t have to smell that head-aching chemical odors anymore. Thank You to all of those at Froglube for such a great product.

Officer Larry Gaines #2509
Police Officer / Special Enforcement Detail

In 11 degrees and 25mph winds FrogLube didn't let me down

Andy Crout-Hamel 8 Point BuckMy hunt this year was in Kansas, I was told the weather was going to be cold and extremely unpredictable, the weather man did not lie. It rained, snowed with winds up to 25mph and the temperature was on some days 11 degrees. It was so cold my Casio watch was blinking because of the cold. I figured the best protection for my weapon would be FrogLube because of the diversity of the product used inside and out of my gun. FrogLube did not let me down. I inspected and cleaned my weapon upon return after a week of hunting and it still looked great. I'm sold on this product, if it could withstand this hunt it could protect just about anything. FrogLube is simply the best when the weather throws everything at you.

Andy Crout-Hamel

Since starting using FrogLube my firearms are smoother and cycle better, as well as clean up easier.

I have recently purchased a bottle of your squeeze bottle liquid CLP from your only carrier in Alaska. Peter at Matsu Tactical was very positive about the use of this product in out special climates we have. Most lubricants gum up in the almost 0% humidity and -40-50 ° temperature. Rust is also a HUGE factor. Since starting using FROGLUBE my firearms are smoother and cycle better, as well as clean up easier. The biggest plus I found in your product is that my girlfriend could not cycle the action on my older mid 90's model p226 in 9mm or some of my .45's due to the heave spring weight. After one application of your CLP she can manipulate them almost with ease. I will for that reason alone recommend your product to everyone I know and would feel safe putting it on even my mothers firearms.

I would like to know where I can find the stripping agent that I have seen in some of the shot show videos for your product. I have a Chinese sks that doesn't like its cosmoline coating and is in dire need of FROGLUBE. If you could let me know where to order some I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

Matt Campos
Bugout Custom Holsters

FrogLube is working very well in cold weather